Jhanak 14th April 2024 Written Update Anirudh's feelings

Jhanak 14th April 2024 Written Update Anirudh’s feelings

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Jhanak 14th April 2024 Written Update Anirudh’s feelings. Anirudh inquires about Arshi’s feelings towards Jhanak, to which she responds positively as Jhanak is about to embark on a happy journey. Tanuja then instructs Bipasha to commence the haldi ceremony. While retrieving the haldi from upstairs, Bipasha accidentally spills it on Anirudh. They quickly gather the remaining haldi from his body while Choton smirks at the coincidence.

The haldi ceremony soon begins and Anirudh can’t help but feel terrible about the whole ordeal. Jhanak also gazes at him, both of them feeling tired from enduring each wedding ritual one by one. Despite being separated, Anirudh does not seem pleased with the situation. Shrishti and Tanuja breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Jhanak will finally be married and leave the household.

Shrishti wraps her plan:

Choton urges Anirudh to wash off the haldi as soon as possible but he is left confused about why Choton seems content despite getting covered in haldi himself. Meanwhile, Shrishti, Tanuja, and Bipasha converse about Jhanak’s impending marriage with joy and satisfaction that she will soon be leaving the house. Shrishti informs Tanuja that Avinash’s dad is critical and thus Avinash wants to hurry up with the marriage function. She says that once Avinash marries Jhanak, the family must prepare to send them off to Kashmir at the earliest. Tanuja agrees. Nobody is aware of Shrishti’s groom-swapping plan.

Jhanak and Anirudh’s emotional last meet:

Tanuja inquires with Shrishti if it is necessary to halt the marriage. However, Shrishti believes there is no need to do so. She fabricates a story about her husband’s family history and explains that the groom will not arrive until the wedding. Despite being surprised by this unusual Kashmiri tradition, everyone complies with it. Donning the saree gifted by Anirudh, Jhanak enters his room one last time, looking radiant in her bridal makeup. Jhanak approaches him and places her hand on his back. He gazes at her, questioning why she is there.

Jhanak replies that she came to seek his blessing before leaving. Anirudh expresses his disdain for Jhanak sacrificing her promising career, but she reminds him that she has no other choice. Arshi reaches there to break their moment and reminds Jhanak of her early departure.

Jhanak 14th April 2024 Written Update Anirudh's feelings






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