Kundali Bhagya 24th May 2024 Written Update Rajveer's plan

Kundali Bhagya 14th April 2024 Written Update Rajveer’s Savior

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Kundali Bhagya 14th April 2024 Written Update Rajveer’s Savior Rajveer deceives the goons, claiming he does not know the password. As punishment, their leader beats him and demands the truth. Despite this warning, Rajveer persists in giving the wrong password. The leader of the goons realizes that Rajveer is intentionally misleading them and informs a team member that he will not reveal the correct password. He suggests using Preeta’s birthday as it is supposedly important to Karan based on Nidhi’s information. Another goon proposes using something related to the life of the house, specifically Rakhi as she holds great significance for Karan. He further suggests Rakhi’s birthday as the potential password for Karan’s locker.

Upon opening the locker, they find Anshuman’s file, much to Rajveer’s shock. He declares that he will not allow them to take it and refuses to budge even when threatened by the goons’ leader. However, Shaurya and Sandy arrive just in time to rescue him and lock up the goons in a room before swiftly making their escape. Anshuman tunes into the news and discovers that both police and media have arrived at Luthra’s house. Realizing this, he realizes that it’s not safe to call his goons. The police inspector then instructs his team not to enter the house to protect the Luthras.

Instead, they should bring the goons out of hiding. Little does he know, a journalist has overheard their conversation. The goon leader steps into the hall and demands that the women hand over their jewelry. Nidhi turns to Karan and asks him what he is looking for. Just then, Karan receives a call from the police inspector who tells him to leave with everyone else. Not wanting her guests to be harmed, Nidhi proposes speaking to the goon leader on their behalf. Together they make their way toward the hall where Nidhi confronts him about why Preeta has not been killed yet. To which he replies that she is missing and promises to take care of it soon. She proceeds to explain how she wants to be seen as a hero by the Luthras for saving them, gaining his approval in return. In a surprising turn of events, he pushes Nidhi aside.

Nidhi pleads with the goons to spare her family, mentioning that they have valuable jewels. The leader of the goons then instructs his team to search all the cupboards. Karan intervenes and requests for at least the guests to be left alone. The leader nods in agreement and the guests quickly flee from the scene. News of the incident is soon reported by journalists. The police inspector approaches one of the guests and asks about the current situation, only to learn that the notorious murderer Amar is hiding inside. Varun warns Kavya against proceeding in that direction, citing the potential danger. Shortly after, she loses consciousness and he guides her to a nearby room.

He remembers the method he used to render her unconscious – by mixing powder in her water. Varun explains to Kavya that he had no alternative but to incapacitate her, as she would have caused issues for him. He then places her inside a cupboard and departs from the area. Karan’s phone rings, catching everyone’s attention. The goon in charge instructs him to answer the call, while the police inspector requests for the phone to be put on speaker. Recognizing their intentions to steal a file, the inspector warns them to retrieve it and leave. The goon responds by telling the inspector not to issue warnings.


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