Pandya Store 14th April 2024 Written Update Shattering

Pandya Store 14th April 2024 Written Update Shattering

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Pandya Store 14th April 2024 Written Update Shattering. Chiku attempts to seek Suman’s blessings, but she refuses. Shesh and Mittu plead with Chiku not to depart. Natasha clings onto Chiku, begging him not to go, but he forcefully breaks away causing the thread on his wrist to snap. As Natasha sobs helplessly, Amba scolds her for Isha’s departure. Dhawal embraces Natasha in an attempt to comfort her. Amba chases after Chiku and Isha, with Dhawal following behind, trying to reason with Isha not to leave. However, Isha claims that no one is considering Yash’s well-being and it’s best for her to go elsewhere. When Dhawal asks where she will stay and what she will eat, Isha admits she doesn’t know yet but believes she will find happiness wherever she ends up with Yash.

Meanwhile, Chiku takes hold of Isha’s hand and they both get into a nearby auto. Despite their pleas, Amba and Dhawal are unable to stop Isha from leaving. As they drive away, Chiku reassures Isha that they are now each other’s only family. In the meantime, Natasha approaches Suman and promises to bring back Chiku. Natasha confesses to Suman that she feels responsible for what happened and pleads with her to have a conversation. As Shalini arrives at the venue, Amrish notices her and immediately instructs his family to leave. Shalini warmly greets Amrish for Holi, but he remains silent. Amba is overcome with emotion and continuously asks for Isha until she faints in Dhawal’s arms.

Suman suffers a brain stroke:

Natasha notices Suman has also lost consciousness and rushes to take the photo frame from her hand. She yells out for Suman, causing the Makwanas to hesitate on their way home. Hetal hears Natasha’s voice and wonders if something has gone wrong. At the same time, Dhawal pleads for help in lifting Amba and taking her to the hospital. Natasha frantically calls out to Suman, questioning what could have caused her state. Despite sprinkling water on her face, Suman remains unresponsive as Shesh and Mittu chase after Chiku’s auto in tears. Natasha urgently summons Shesh and Mittu to Suman’s side, while Amrish receives a call from a colleague inquiring about their Holi party.

Not wanting to disturb her personal life, he invites the Makwana family to accompany him. Despite Natasha’s efforts to stop them, the Makwanas depart. Shalini catches sight of Natasha and sees an opportunity to mend their relationship. Feeling abandoned by everyone, Natasha is resentful of their actions. Shesh calls for an ambulance, but due to the Holi festivities, it is delayed. Shalini kindly offers her car to take Suman to the hospital. The episode concludes with Natasha driving Suman to the hospital, with Dhawal by Amba’s side.






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