YRKKH 14th April 2024 Written Update Armaan's dilemma

YRKKH 14th April 2024 Written Update Armaan’s dilemma

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YRKKH 14th April 2024 Written Update Armaan’s dilemma. Abhira learns Ruhi is in love. Ruhi decides to confide in Abhira about her affair. Abhira kindly requests Ruhi not to disclose her issues to anyone else and assures her that she can always turn to her for support. Despite Armaan’s advice to be patient, Ruhi chooses to reveal the truth. Meanwhile, Swarna expresses her concern about Ruhi’s stay in Mussoorie and insists that she return home. Abhira hopes that Ruhi finds true love and notices Armaan’s belongings, but she also discovers divorce papers. Armaan stops her.

Hesitant to break the news to Abhira, Armaan hesitates. Amidst all this, Kaveri arranges for the transfer of money and instructs the goon to check on it. However, the goon doubts Kaveri’s intentions and warns that her actions will bring harm to Armaan, Ruhi, and Abhira due to her past deeds. In response, Kaveri pleads with the goon not to cause trouble for her children.

The man tells her that she has made many mistakes in the past and now her children will pay for it. Armaan looks for Ruhi. He asks Abhira about Ruhi. He gets a shocking call and rushes. Abhira wonders where did he go without having breakfast. She guesses that Ruhi went to meet her friend. She spots a person at the resort’s gate. She asks him if he has come to book a room. The man leaves. Abhira thinks of calling Armaan. She thinks to make efforts and please Armaan. She self-pampers herself. She feels love for Armaan. She gets decked up for Armaan. Abhira spots the divorce papers. Armaan meets Ruhi at the temple. He asks her why she lies and calls him. She says that she wants to perform the rituals and secure their future. He tells her that she is doing wrong, and when he has cleared it, they have no future together.

YRKKH 14th April 2024 Written Update Armaan's dilemma

Sign of fate for Armaan:

She asks him to think of them when he gets separated from Abhira. She asks him to fulfill his responsibility towards her. She wants him to come back to her. She convinces him to perform the rituals with her and make their love immortal. Armaan is in a dilemma. Ruhi persuades him to take a stand for their love. A lady jerks Ruhi and spoils the rituals. The rituals get hindered, and Armaan ponders if it’s a sign of fate. Abhira reaches there to question him about the divorce. She falls into his arms. Armaan is surprised, and the sindoor gets applied to her hairline. She confronts him about the divorce. She is upset. Armaan asks her to listen to him once. They leave from the temple. Ruhi looks for Armaan.

She sees the footprints of two persons. She follows the trail. Kaveri is stressed. She looks for her BP medicines. She gets a call from the police commissioner. She asks for his help. She doesn’t want Madhav to know anything. Abhira runs on the road and is about to get stabbed by an iron road. Armaan pulls her in time and saves her. He tells her that he didn’t make the divorce papers. She calls him a liar. He says that he will keep his promise to Akshara. She accuses him of cheating on her feelings. She asks him how he got the papers. She feels sad by his silence. He doesn’t take Ruhi’s name.

YRKKH 14th April 2024 Written Update Armaan's dilemma

Abhira confronts Armaan:

She says that she will free him from the marriage without asking for any money. She agrees to divorce him. Ruhi thinks that Abhira has taken Armaan away from her. She doesn’t want to lose this time. She decides to fight for their love. Abhira doesn’t trust Armaan. Abhira tells Armaan that she will quickly sign the divorce papers and free him. He stops her by caging her in his arms. He asks her to calm down. She threatens to shout for help if he doesn’t leave her. He says that she can shout as much as she wants.

She shouts for help. Ruhi hears Abhira’s call for help. She collides with an old woman and helps her. The people intervene and ask Armaan to leave Abhira’s hand. Armaan says that Abhira is his wife and they shouldn’t interfere. Abhira denies having any relationship with Armaan. He appears shocked. The people catch Armaan, while Abhira rushes back to her resort. Ruhi gets kidnapped and calls Armaan for help.

YRKKH 14th April 2024 Written Update Armaan's dilemma


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