GHKKPM 15th April 2024 Written Update Savi opposes Chinmay

GHKKPM 15th April 2024 Written Update Savi opposes Chinmay

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GHKKPM 15th April 2024 Written Update Savi opposes Chinmay. Shikha attempts to touch Chinmay’s feet, but he stops her, expressing his dislike for theatrics. He then requests for two garlands to be removed from his neck, leaving one remaining. Upon noticing Reeva, he inquires about her identity. She introduces herself. Chinmay asks if she is Ishaan’s spouse. He then takes note of Savi and reminds her that she was inquiring if the road belonged to her father, but this house belongs to his father and she shouldn’t be present there. Asmita clarifies that Savi is indeed Ishaan’s wife. This causes Chinmay to laugh at Ishaan’s history of being a player and always getting extra attention; now playing a dual life simultaneously. In response, Ishaan warns him to stay away from Savi and Reeva.

Chinmay does not take this warning seriously and challenges what would happen if he didn’t comply. Despite being angered by this, Ishaan refrains from any further action on Surekha’s request. Chinmay declares that either Savi or Reeva must leave the house, as Yashwant will kick them out just as he did to Chinmay in the past. He recounts how Ishaan had pleaded for him to return home, but instead, Ishaan ended up becoming a shareholder of the properties. When Ishaan questions why Chinmay is saying this since the house belongs to him, Chinmay reminds him that his parents see Ishaan as a son and not Chinmay, making everything ultimately belong to Ishaan.

Ishaan encourages Chinmay to change his negative mindset. In retaliation, Chinmay tries to punch Ishaan but is stopped by Savi who vows not to let him harm Ishaan. Disregarding Savi’s warning, Chinmay warns her to move out of his way because he only needs one enemy and challenges her to try and make good on her desire to get Savi out of the house. Keep reading for GHKKPM 15th April 2024 Written Update.

GHKKPM 15th April 2024 Written Update:

Savi answers Chinmay well. She tells him that Chinmay is Ishaan’s brother, but he can’t boss around. She lectures him and asks him to behave himself. Chinmay says that everyone wants to boss around, but not everyone has the courage like him. He asks her if she will call the police and throw him out of the house. Ishaan stops Savi from arguing with Chinmay. Savi tells Chinmay that she will not oust him, but try to make him a part of the family again. Chinmay asks her to stop the goody drama, or else her life’s chapter will end. He threatens to oust her from the house. Ishaan calls it enough and stops him from disrespecting Savi. He says that Chinmay is angry for some reason, but it doesn’t mean he will misbehave with the family.

Ishaan takes a stand for Savi:

He calls Savi his wife. He says that he didn’t give this right to anyone to misbehave with his wife and family. Savi gets happy that Ishaan took a stand for her. Chinmay says that he will not change, even if Ishaan feels bad. He asks who is Ishaan to dictate terms. He asks if Ishaan is the house owner. Yashwant intervenes and tells him that he owns the house. He questions Chinmay’s identity and status in the house. Surekha stops Yashwant. He asks her to leave him. He rebukes Chinmay. He asks Chinmay what will he do. Chinmay says that he has different funda in his life. He adds that he has come to ignite a fire in the family so that Yashwant melts and gives him what he desires.

GHKKPM 15th April 2024 Written Update Savi opposes Chinmay

He says that everything will be burnt to ashes if Yashwant doesn’t agree. Yashwant reminds Chinmay that he is his father, and a father always remains a father. He says that he is a rock and doesn’t care about any storm or fire. He doesn’t want to melt his heart for Chinmay. He asks Chinmay to stay in the house with any servant if he wants. Chinmay likes the idea. He says that it’s interesting if the heir of the house stays with servants. He meets the servant Jeetu. He asks Jeetu to get his bags from the jeep. He says that he will stay with Jeetu in his room. He irritates Yashwant.

GHKKPM 15th April 2024 Written Update Savi opposes Chinmay

Chinmay occupies Jeetu’s room. He likes the spacious room. He says that he will sleep on the floor. Jeetu asks him to occupy the bed. Chinmay says that he doesn’t want to trouble Jeetu. Ishaan, Surekha and Shikha reach there. Surekha asks Chinmay to come with her. Chinmay asks her if he is doing wrong, he is just following Yashwant’s orders and staying in a servant’s room. He doesn’t differentiate between servant and house owner. She says that Yashwant said that in anger. She assures him that she will speak to Yashwant. Chinmay tells her that he has suffered a lot because of Yashwant, and she remained silent when she could have taken a stand for him. He adds that Surekha ousted Isha to keep Ishaan with her, but she didn’t fight Yashwant for her son.

He asks her to go away. Ishaan asks Chinmay to come with them. Chinmay asks him to go to his best room and relax. Ishaan asks him to take the best room. Chinmay refuses to take his charity. He says that he doesn’t want to see his act of greatness. Shikha pleads with Chinmay to come with her. Chinmay asks her how did she stay in their room in his absence when she knew about him. She asks him why is he punishing her. Chinmay ousts them and shuts the door. Ishaan asks Surekha to come. Ishaan doesn’t want Savi to do anything in this regard. Savi goes to console Shikha. She apologizes for bringing Chinmay home. She recalls her suggestion to Shikha.

GHKKPM 15th April 2024 Written Update Savi opposes Chinmay

Shikha reveals Chinmay’s good side:

She says that Chinmay will come home if Shikha agrees to divorce him after a month. Shikha is glad that he has come and she got a chance to win his heart. She doesn’t know why he is behaving with the family so badly. Savi asks Shikha if she wants to spend her life with such a misbehaving person. Shikha says that Chinmay isn’t a bad person, but he is angry for a reason. Savi decides to find out the truth. Shikha tells Savi about Chinmay and her happy life. She adds that Chinmay has changed completely. Savi wants to know how Chinmay turned so bitter. Surekha meets Chinmay and tells him that she misses him a lot, she used to cry for him and also opposed Yashwant for his sake. She shows the clothes she bought for him. He asks her if the clothes will fit Ishaan. He doubts that she bought it for Ishaan. He gets envious of Ishaan.


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