Pandya Store 15th April 2024 Written Update Natasha's pledge

Pandya Store 15th April 2024 Written Update Natasha’s pledge

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Pandya Store 15th April 2024 Written Update Natasha’s Pledge. Dhawal brings Amba home and checks on her well-being, instructing her to rest while he gets her something to eat. Amrish arrives and inquires about Amba’s health. She expresses her hurt over her daughter leaving, but Amrish is unsympathetic and instead, chooses to celebrate. He explains that Isha has a history of ruining his reputation, so he doesn’t mind her departure and will continue celebrating. Meanwhile, Natasha repeatedly calls Dhawal, but he doesn’t notice it. Shesh and Mittu ask the inspector to let their car pass due to an emergency patient, but he refuses.

Shalini then personally steps out and makes the same request. Upon her plea, the police promptly allow them to proceed. Dolly confides in her sisters-in-law about her concern for Natasha’s well-being. Dhawal wonders why no one stopped to assist her. Pranali reminds him of their agreement not to interfere in Natasha’s personal affairs or risk losing Dhawal. Amba, noticing Dhawal’s phone next to her, turns it off. Dhawal plans to contact Natasha but realizes his phone is missing. Amrish summons him outside to greet the guests. Meanwhile, Natasha arrives at the hospital where the doctor reveals Suman’s weak pulse and she is immediately taken to the ICU. Shalini assures Natasha that she can call for assistance if needed before departing.

Fight at Amrish’s Holi Party:

At Amrish’s holi celebration, some of the guests engage in a heated debate about the choice of music. To diffuse the situation, the Makwanas intervene and urge everyone to indulge in some snacks instead. Dhawal is concerned about finding his phone and the well-being of Natasha and Suman. Currently, Suman is receiving treatment in the ICU while Natasha, Shesh, and Mittu anxiously wait outside.

As Natasha reminisces about their memories together, Suman undergoes defibrillation but unfortunately, her heart remains still. Thankfully, Suman eventually regains consciousness and Natasha quickly informs her brothers. Meanwhile, Dhawal’s phone appears to be switched off and he is unsure how to reach Natasha. According to the doctor, although Suman has regained consciousness, she remains in a critical condition due to a brain stroke.

The doctor informs Natasha that they brought Suman in very late and the chances of her recovery are slim. The doctor explains that it is common for elders to want to spend their last moments at home rather than in a hospital. This upsets Natasha and she reprimands the doctor for his suggestion. Shesh tries to calm her down and assures her that they will arrange to take Suman home. However, Natasha insists on finding the best hospital and doctor for Suman’s treatment.

Natasha takes a pledge:

Shesh becomes frustrated with Natasha’s behavior and accuses her of contributing to Suman’s condition. Despite this, Shesh tells Natasha that they plan on taking Suman to Pandya house as per her wishes. However, Natasha threatens Shesh and Mittu, saying she will not let them take Suman from the hospital. Ahead, Natasha will be seen revealing Amba’s truth to Dhawal.

Pandya Store 15th April 2024 Written Update Natasha's pledge






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