GHKKPM 16th April 2024 Written Update Reset Button

GHKKPM 16th April 2024 Written Update Reset Button

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GHKKPM 16th April 2024 Written Update Reset Button. Surekha presents the dresses she bought to Chinmay, who then accuses her of purchasing them for Ishaan and not himself. He brings up how much Surekha used to favor Ishaan over him, stating it is too late for her to show love now. Furious, he orders her out of his room in front of Savi, who witnesses the tense exchange. Savi locks eyes with Chinmay and wonders if there is still a shred of compassion left in him. She voices her opinion and Chinmay retaliates before storming off.

Savi turns to Jeetu and questions how he can tolerate living with someone like Chinmay, but Jeetu defends Chinmay by mentioning how he showed interest in his baby and even remembers intricate details. After hearing this, Savi begins to doubt her assumptions about Chinmay’s character. Surekha couldn’t help but think of Chinmay. To avoid a mess, Savi promptly turns off the stove before the milk overflows from the utensil. She reminisces about a time when she and her mother used to make Modak for each other as a way to reset and mend any rifts in their relationship.

Savi’s suggestion to Surekha to reset things:

Reflecting on this, Savi suggests that every relationship has its reset button and asks Surekha to consider what theirs might be. As Savi leaves, Surekha is struck with an idea and decides to make all of Chinmay’s favorite dishes. At the dinner table, Reeva notices Surekha’s cheerful demeanor and asks her what has made her so happy. Excitedly, Surekha shares with Reeva about their reset button.

Just then, everyone gathers around to enjoy the delicious meal prepared by Surekha. Pleased with Anvi’s talents, Savi compliments her on the play she wrote and later announces to the Bhosle family that Anvi will be the cultural secretary this year. Durva questions Anvi about her understanding of Shriram’s qualities while Savi can’t help but think about Ishaan. Surekha mentions that Chinmay has returned home from exile. Yashwant urges her not to compare him to Shriram.

GHKKPM 16th April 2024 Written Update Reset Button

Chinmay upsets Surekha:

Excitedly, Surekha greets Chinmay and reveals she has prepared all his favorite dishes today. Delighted, Chinmay suggests the family eat together like they used to. He invites Ishaan to sit next to him and asks Surekha to serve them. As she tries to feed him by hand, Chinmay affectionately reminds her of how she used to first feed Ishaan and then him. With a light-hearted comment, he teases her about only loving Ishaan. Later, he informs Surekha that he has eaten with Jeetu. Surekha and Ishaan get upset.


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