Jhanak 16th April 2024 Written Update Wedding Twist

Jhanak 16th April 2024 Written Update Wedding Twist

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Jhanak 16th April 2024 Written Update Wedding Twist. Anirudh is frustrated by what he perceives as Jhanak’s betrayal towards Rahul, who used to care for her deeply. Jhanak strongly denies having any sort of relationship with Rahul, but she feels powerless to stop the marriage now. As Jhanak starts to leave the room, she suddenly becomes weak and nearly falls, prompting Anirudh to catch her. She rests in his arms for a few moments before Appu enters and sees them together. Appu questions why they are standing so closely.

Jhanak carefully explains while Anirudh continues to scold her for planning to marry someone else. Tejas, disguised as the groom, enters the Bose house to marry Jhanak. He hides his true identity behind his Sehra, while the guests eagerly await a glimpse of him. However, Bipasha reminds them that it is a tradition in Tejas’s family and they should respect it. Tejas feels a sense of satisfaction at his clever ploy. Despite knowing that he will have to work hard to kidnap Jhanak later on, he remains confident and determined. Suddenly, Choton enters and invites Anirudh to join the marriage ceremony.

Jhanak 16th April 2024 Written Update Wedding Twist

Arshi questions Jhanak:

Initially irritated, Anirudh eventually agrees to participate after Choton insists. The groom’s family requests Shrishti to begin the wedding ritual, as they need to leave for Kashmir tonight. Shrishti assures them that she will not delay. She then tasks Rumi and Arshi with bringing Jhanak from her room. Upon their arrival, Jhanak appears unwell and struggles to get up without losing balance. Appu mentions how Anirudh held Jhanak when she was on the verge of falling earlier and how she rested her head on his chest.

Upon hearing this revelation, Arshi becomes fired up. Jhanak notices Arshi’s doubtful and insecure demeanor and assures her that Anirudh is simply in love with her. There is no reason for her to feel insecure. Furthermore, Jhanak points out that Anirudh only saved her out of sympathy. Later, Jhanak is brought into the wedding venue as the bride and catches Anirudh’s gaze. His eyes couldn’t help but lock onto hers. Tejas’ presence will be known to Jhanak in the upcoming track. She will break the marriage and walk out of the Bose house.

Jhanak 16th April 2024 Written Update Wedding Twist






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