Pandya Store 16th April 2024 Written Update Amba's confession

Pandya Store 16th April 2024 Written Update Amba’s confession

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Pandya Store 16th April 2024 Written Update Amba’s confession. Natasha heads out to find the best neurosurgeon to save Suman. Amrish introduces Dhawal to one of his business partners and assures him that Dhawal will take on the important landmark project. He announces that Dhawal is now part of the Makwana family business. Lost in thought, Natasha continues walking down the road, replaying Sesh’s hurtful accusations about her involvement in Suman’s declining health. She finally arrives at the Makwana residence and catches sight of Dhawal joyfully celebrating with his loved ones. In a fit of anger, Natasha tosses aside all the colorful plates, causing everyone to gasp. Dhawal steps in to calm her down.

Amrish scolds Natasha and reminds her to stay within her limits. Natasha retaliates, accusing Amrish of being the one who has crossed boundaries by bringing up Suman’s struggles with life. Amrish dismisses her claims, stating she is just using excuses to ruin his party. Meanwhile, Shesh and Mittu rush over to check on Suman. Mittu shares his fear and begs for Suman to wake up as he breaks into tears. Natasha adds that she tried pleading with them but nobody took notice of her. Natasha calls out Pranali for not assisting her, stressing that as a doctor it is her responsibility to save patients.

Pandya Store 16th April 2024 Written Update Amba's confession

Natasha confronts the Makwanas:

She points out that if Suman had received treatment earlier, she wouldn’t be in critical condition. Turning to Dhawal, Natasha questions why he ignored her calls and warns that she won’t forgive herself if anything happens to Suman. Dhawal reprimands his business associates and ushers them out. He embraces Natasha and offers words of comfort. As they prepare to leave, Amba suddenly claims to also feel unwell. Noticing Amba’s deception, Natasha insists that she is perfectly fine.

Natasha reveals that she is taking her husband Dhawal Makwana along. Amba admits to being the one who had arranged for the contract papers and requested Natasha to obtain signatures from family members. The truth shocks all present. Natasha embraces Amba and reminds her that she is aware of her deep love, but there’s no need for her to shoulder unnecessary blame. Natasha discloses that she had indeed drafted the contract papers and collected signatures herself. Once again, Amba accuses Natasha of lying. However, Natasha suggests they discuss this later, as she plans to take Dhawal with her at the moment. Natasha grasps Dhawal’s hands and leads him towards Suman. As they depart, Dhawal glances at his family members before following Natasha.

Pandya Store 16th April 2024 Written Update Amba's confession

Suman gets on death bed:

Meanwhile, at Pandya house, Suman lies on the floor while people recite mantras around her. Shesh and Mittu continue to weep beside her. When Natasha and Dhawal arrive at the hospital, they discover that Suman’s bed is unoccupied. The nurse sadly informs Natasha that the doctor has discharged Suman and sent her home. This news leaves Natasha feeling disheartened.


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