Udaariyaan 16th April 2024 Written Update News for Alia

Udaariyaan 16th April 2024 Written Update News for Alia

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Udaariyaan 16th April 2024 Written Update News for Alia. Rano offers her apologies to Aasma, who kindly reassures her that it is only human to make mistakes and that some may not even realize it. She tells Rano that she believes Rano was simply acting on what she thought was true and she doesn’t want to dwell on the past. Aasma expresses her happiness at Rano’s acceptance of both Haniya and herself, which has brought her family together. Rano embraces Aasma and everyone smiles with joy as Rano performs the aarti and welcomes them all. Meher notices Armaan holding hands with Haniya, who is being loved by everyone. However, Meher cannot help but feel sad. Armaan approaches Aasma and consoles her, but Aasma explains that her tears are a mix of happiness and sorrow because while Haniya now has a father and family, their second daughter is no longer with them.

When asked about the second daughter’s whereabouts, Aasma reveals that she had given birth to twin girls but unfortunately one did not survive due to medical complications. This revelation brings sadness to them all, including Alia who remembers stealing the baby years ago. In utter grief, Alia rushes to the Gurudwara where she contacts them. Haniya inquires about her missing sister and Aasma breaks into tears. Ranvijay sympathizes and acknowledges the pain of losing a child. He then turns to Haniya and asks about Meher’s whereabouts. Everyone joins in the search for Meher. Meanwhile, Alia encounters some goons and demands to know what they have done with the baby girl.

Haniya approaches Meher, reassuring her that she will be just as loved by everyone. However, Meher pushes her away in anger. Concerned, Aasma asks if something happened between them. Meher reveals that she is upset because Armaan can’t be her father and Haniya’s at the same time. Armaan intervenes, reminding her that she has wanted a family with him and Haniya. Meher then expresses her desire for her mother. Aasma steps in as her mother figure, while Haniya insists that they are all one family now and should stick together. As Alia continues to confront the goons, they try to take advantage of the situation by offering their help in exchange for a favor from her – but she stands her ground and threatens them with a broken bottle.

Udaariyaan 16th April 2024 Written Update News for Alia

Alia confesses the truth:

She reprimands them, inquiring about the whereabouts of the baby. The man confesses that they were planning to kill the baby, but their car exploded and the girl fell into the lake. Alia realizes that Meher must be that girl and tears stream down her face. She rushes home and sees Meher there. Aasma is curious as to what happened, but Alia simply hugs her and apologizes for a big mistake she made. She then embraces Meher, while Aasma continues to ask what happened. Finally, Alia musters up the courage to reveal that their second daughter is alive, shocking everyone present.

As Aasma questions what she means, Alia explains that she wanted revenge for being hated because of their family and had met with those same goons who revealed the truth about Meher’s disappearance. However, before she can finish her confession, Armaan erupts in anger, accusing her of attempting to kill their daughter.

He grabs a rod and hits her on the head before Alia suddenly wakes up from this nightmare. Sukhi then presents a doll to Haniya as if nothing had happened. Aasma has gifted a doll to Meher. Armaan and Aasma take turns feeding their daughters. Meanwhile, Alia contemplates the consequences of revealing the truth to Armaan as she fears his reaction. Aasma notices Meher taking Haniya’s doll and breaking it with a smile on her face. Fearing that Meher may feel less loved, Aasma shares her concern with Armaan. Comforting her, he assures her that kids quickly forget things and they should accept Meher as their daughter since they lost one before. Embracing each other, they share a heartfelt moment.






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