YRKKH 16th April 2024 Written Update Abhira confronts Ruhi

YRKKH 16th April 2024 Written Update Abhira confronts Ruhi

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YRKKH 16th April 2024 Written Update Abhira confronts Ruhi. Ruhi and Armaan spot Abhira falling unconscious. They rush to check on her. Saxena’s son arrives there as a helper and misleads them. Armaan asks Abhira to get up and fight him. Vidya gets scared for her children’s lives. She shares her tension with Manisha. Abhira gets conscious. She asks Armaan to stop shouting. Armaan says that he would have died if anything happened to her. He embraces her. Ruhi gets confused seeing his feelings for Abhira. Armaan thanks the man for helping them. The man acts like Abhira’s savior. Armaan lifts Abhira in his arms and takes her. The man answers Kaveri’s call and tells her that her children are safe, he has spared their lives because he has received the money in his account. He demands more money.

Kaveri asks him to stay away from her family. Manish speaks to Ruhi. Ruhi tells them that Armaan came to save her in time. Manish is relieved to see her okay. He asks who has saved Abhira. Ruhi says that Abhira is okay. Manish asks her to come back soon. He wants to punish the kidnappers. Sanjay asks him not to worry, the kidnappers will be caught soon. Manisha says that the kidnappers didn’t ask for any ransom. Manish suspects some motive. Manoj says that the kidnappers know everything about their family. Kajal tells them that Madhav will nab the goons and unveil all the secrets. Kaveri seems afraid.

YRKKH 16th April 2024 Written Update Abhira confronts Ruhi

Armaan cares for Abhira:

Armaan brings Abhira to the resort. He takes care of her. She is hurt thinking about the divorce papers. He removes her jewelry and asks her to take a good rest. Manisha gets Ruhi’s love note in Armaan’s room. She checks the handwriting in Abhira’s diary. She tells Manoj that someone has left a note for Armaan. Manoj finds her spying. He doesn’t think there is anything to worry about. Abhira thanks Armaan for the care. She asks him to go back to Udaipur. She says that she will get the resort fixed.

He says that he didn’t get the divorce papers and didn’t sign them. Abhira asks him how the papers came. Ruhi meets them and reveals that she has got the divorce papers and asked Armaan to divorce Abhira. Abhira asks her who is she to interfere with their relationship. She lectures Ruhi.

Ruhi loses her place:

Ruhi tells her that she is mending Armaan’s relationship with his family. She accuses Abhira of causing problems for Armaan. Abhira tells that Armaan is her husband and Ruhi should shut up. Ruhi says that Armaan lives in tension because if Abhira. Abhira tells her that she has sent Armaan to save Ruhi first by giving him a swear. She asks Ruhi who is she to talk to between them.

She throws out Ruhi from her room. She asks Armaan how can Ruhi plan their divorce. She says that Ruhi can’t decide their future. She doesn’t want Armaan to get any third person in their relationship. She weeps. Armaan feels sorrowful and goes. Ruhi remembers Abhira’s taunts. She asks Armaan why didn’t he stop Abhira. Armaan is fed up answering them. Abhira manages the resort work. She wonders if Armaan is innocent in the matter. She regrets scolding Armaan.

YRKKH 16th April 2024 Written Update Abhira confronts Ruhi


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