YRKKH 17th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi exposed

YRKKH 17th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi exposed

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YRKKH 17th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi exposed. Ruhi tells Armaan that she loves him immensely and she is ready to tolerate him with Abhira in a relationship of marriage. She tells him that she wants his promise, he will talk to Kaveri about their marriage once his relationship with Abhira ends in three months. Armaan disagrees. Ruhi says that she doesn’t mean anything to him. She blames him for making her a negative character in their story. She adds that he will be single after three months, and he can talk to Kaveri about their marriage. He doesn’t give a word. She says that she is doing everything to get her love. She asks him what is he doing. She wishes he understood her pain.

YRKKH 17th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi exposed

She wants him to fight for his true love as he fights for his fake marriage. She asks if their love doesn’t matter to him. Armaan agrees to tell Kaveri about them. She asks him to promise her. Abhira reaches there and finds Armaan promising Ruhi. Vidya and Manisha plan Armaan and Abhira’s first Gangaur. They wish the couple come together. Abhira asks Armaan what is he saying.

Ruhi lies to Abhira and walks away. Abhira embraces Armaan and apologizes to him. She says that Ruhi is Armaan’s best friend, but she is Rohit’s wife. She wants Ruhi to stay within her limits. He adds that he has hired a contractor to repair the resort. He informs that they will leave for Udaipur in the morning. He doesn’t want to take any risk about Ruhi and Abhira’s lives.

Armaan, Abhira and Ruhi return home:

The next morning, Abhira wonders why Ruhi wants their divorce. Ruhi wants the three months to end soon. Abhira doesn’t want Ruhi to come between then. Ruhi occupies the front seat and asks Abhira to sit in the back seat. Abhira angrily occupies the driving seat and asks Armaan to sit in the back seat as Ruhi just ordered them. Armaan gets troubled by their fights. Abhira drives to Udaipur. Armaan prays for their safe journey. They soon reach home and get a warm welcome from their family.

YRKKH 17th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi exposed

Vidya emotionally hugs Ruhi and Abhira. Ruhi tells Madhav that she informed Madhav about their safe return. Vidya embraces Armaan and weeps. She realizes what he went through. She asks him how he saved Abhira and Ruhi. He says that he will tell her everything. Vidya performs the aarti and welcomes them. They get blessings from one and all. Armaan misses Kaveri. Vidya tells that Kaveri has gone to the temple to pray. Armaan tells them about someone who saved Abhira’s life. Vidya says that she is happy for their safe return. Armaan isn’t happy at all. He wants to find out who has conspired these attacks and why did they targeted Ruhi and Abhira. He decides to punish the culprits.

Abhira’s dream come true moment:

Later, Abhira asks Armaan if he wants to sign the divorce papers. He tears the papers and tells her that he will make new ones when needed. She is glad. He finds her smiling with joy. He says that he is relieved to see her safe. She happily dances thinking Armaan wants to stay with her. Vidya calls Kaveri. Armaan finds her worried. Vidya says that Kaveri didn’t return home.

She wonders what is Kaveri hiding. Armaan asks her not to overthink. She says that Kaveri is aware of the Mussoorie incident. Madhav questions her sanity. He says that Kaveri isn’t involved in any matter. He asks her not to blame his mother. Vidya says that she is just sharing her doubts. He asks her to stop spreading the wrong things.

They hear Ruhi and Abhira’s loud argument. They rush to see. Manisha asks Armaan not to intervene. She feels something happened in Mussoorie that Abhira and Ruhi started fighting for a little thing. Vidya finds Armaan worried. She speaks to Abhira about Ruhi. She asks Abhira if everything is okay between Ruhi and her. Abhira says that it is all good. Vidya is glad that Abhira and Armaan have spent time together. Abhira turns shy. Vidya asks how Ruhi came to Mussoorie.

YRKKH 17th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi exposed

Vidya is stunned to learn Ruhi’s vile motives:

Abhira tells her that Ruhi made a booking in the resort. She unknowingly reveals how Ruhi got the divorce papers for them. Vidya is shocked to learn about Ruhi’s daring move. Abhira tries to cover up. Vidya angrily summons Ruhi. She slaps Ruhi and leaves the family shocked.

In the next episode, Armaan is seen adorning Abhira for Gangaur festive. Abhira has a word with Ruhi. She encourages Ruhi to pursue her love. She says that Kaveri has been unjust towards Ruhi’s dreams. Hearing Abhira’s take on love, Ruhi questions if Abhira is in love.


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