Bhagya Lakshmi 18th April 2024 Written Update Malishka stunned

Bhagya Lakshmi 18th April 2024 Written Update Malishka stunned

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Bhagya Lakshmi 18th April 2024 Written Update Malishka stunned. Malishka expresses to Anushka that her dreams have been shattered. Karishma scolds her for creating false hopes in Malishka. Neelam interjects, stating that it was not Anushka’s fault. The vice principal informs Lakshmi that Paro’s admission is confirmed and their accommodations have been arranged. Grateful, Lakshmi says she will pick up Paro from the Oberoi residence. Shalu asks the vice principal for their home address. He then instructs the peon to escort Shalu to their house. Apologetically, Anushka apologises to Karishma and Malishka. Karishma advises her not to repeat her mistake.

Neelam points out that Paro has entered their lives now. Karishma adds that it was all a ploy by Paro’s mother to move to Mumbai. Malishka suggests they kee p Rishi away from Paro’s mother’s influence. As Lakshmi arrives at the Oberoi mansion, Rohan and Paro are thrilled to see her. Rohan invites Lakshmi to meet his family, but she politely declines, mentioning that she needs to first settle into her own new home. Parvati agrees and extends an invitation for Lakshmi to visit their own new house. Meanwhile, Malishka is shocked when she spots Lakshmi in the mansion, causing her to rush over to confirm it.

In the process, Malishka slips and falls, prompting Rohan’s concern. As Malishka loses consciousness, Rohan calls Neelam for help. Upon arriving at the scene, Neelam tends to Malishka and manages to revive her with some water. Subsequently, Rohan goes to fetch Karishma while Neelam questions Malishka about what happened. Regaining consciousness, Malishka reveals that Lakshmi is alive. Worriedly, Rohan relays this information to Karishma and Anushka before requesting them to join him in the hall. Neelam informs Malishka that Lakshmi has passed away. She implores her to join her in visiting the temple to confirm this news.

Parvati and Lakshmi also make their way to the same temple, while Karishma and Anushka notice that Malishka and Neelam are missing from the hall. In the temple, Malishka spots Lakshmi from behind and Neelam goes forward to investigate. As someone calls out for her, Lakshmi turns around and a child grabs onto Neelam’s saree. Neelam turns towards the child but doesn’t see anyone there. Soon after, Lakshmi leaves and another woman takes her place. Neelam realizes that it is not Lakshmi and tells Malishka before pulling her away from there. Lakshmi questions Parvati’s hasty decision to leave Oberoi mansion.

In response, Parvati explains that she doesn’t want to face the same criticism she received before. She adds that the family may not have welcomed her presence in their home. Concerned, Lakshmi advises Parvati to avoid returning to the mansion. Parvati rationalizes that perhaps the family was already dealing with other issues and unintentionally took it out on her. Confused, she wonders why all the Oberoi family members are suddenly upset with her. Neelam and Malishka arrive at the Oberoi mansion. Malishka assures Neelam that she did, in fact, see Lakshmi. Karishma questions Malishka about their conversation. Responding, Malishka reiterates that she indeed saw Lakshmi and insists that she is alive. Karishma doubts her senses.

Neelam dismisses it as a hallucination. Nonetheless, Malishka persists in her claims and argues with them, stating that it was indeed Lakshmi she saw. Neelam becomes frustrated with Malishka and tells her to stop overthinking things. Just then, Rishi and Harleen come back home. Curious, Malishka turns to Rishi and asks him if he ever saw Lakshmi teacher. In response, Rishi confirms that he had seen her before. Ordering Rishi to leave the room, Neelam sternly warns Malishka to never mention Lakshmi’s name in front of him again.


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