Jhanak 18th April 2024 Written Update Anirudh protects Jhanak

Jhanak 18th April 2024 Written Update Anirudh protects Jhanak

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Jhanak 18th April 2024 Written Update Anirudh protects Jhanak. Jhanak refuses to marry until the groom shows his face to her. She stays stern. Tanuja, Shrishti, and Bipasha rebuke her. Jhanak tells them that it’s her life and she will take a stand for it. Her decision shocks the family. Jhanak asks them not to worry that she will be a burden on them. She wants to just go away from their house and live. She takes responsibility for her decision. She says that she doesn’t want such a husband, who wants to marry her by keeping his identity a secret. Lal asks her to stop insulting them. Anirudh supports Jhanak. He asks Avinash to show his face to Jhanak in private.

Jhanak knows the groom will never show his face to anyone. She gets compelled to pull off his Sehra. She exposes Tejas. Anirudh and his family are also moved by this big shock. They didn’t know that Jhanak was being deceived. Anirudh realizes Shrishti’s heinous plan. Tejas turns angered when Jhanak disrespects him and refuses to marry. Jhanak tells them that she had doubts in her mind and wanted to see the groom’s face. She asks Shrishti what is she doing with her life. Shrishti asks Jhanak not to make fun of them. She wants Jhanak to marry Tejas. She says that it’s a step taken for Jhanak’s betterment. Tejas says that Jhanak can’t run away from the marriage mandap this time. He declares that Jhanak is his wife.

Jhanak 18th April 2024 Written Update Anirudh protects Jhanak

Anirudh opposes Tejas:

Anirudh doesn’t want their marriage to happen. Jhanak says that she will fight her battle. She adds that she will never let Tejas marry her. She rebukes Tejas. She declares that she will leave the house and go far from them. Anirudh asks where will she go. Jhanak wants to cross her journey on her own. He says that there is a lurking danger outside. She feels threatened at home. Tejas threatens her and asks her to marry. She doesn’t care if he kills her. Shrishti supports Tejas. She asks Tejas to fill the sindoor in Jhanak’s hairline and marry her. Tanuja and Bipasha assist Tejas and catch Jhanak for the sindoor ritual.

Anirudh calls Jhanak his wife:

Vinayak tries to stop Shrishti, but Shubh supports her evil. Choton worries for Jhanak. Vinayak scolds Shrishti for cheating them. Pandit tells them that a forced marriage is wrong. Shubh bribes him to conduct the marriage rituals. Jhanak struggles to get free. Appu and Anjana worry for Jhanak. Arshi can’t believe the happening. She didn’t know Shrishti was playing so wicked. Luckily, Anirudh takes a stand for Jhanak. He asks them to validate Jhanak and his marriage if they know the importance of sindoor. Arshi fears losing Anirudh. Choton asks him to speak up. Anirudh tells them that they aren’t living in old times. He adds that if they force Jhanak into marriage, then he will revive their marriage already done in the temple.

Jhanak 18th April 2024 Written Update Anirudh protects Jhanak

He tells Arshi that he is forced to say this, he will believe his marriage with Jhanak and accept her as his wife. He asks Arshi to stop her mom from this madness. He shouts that Jhanak is his wife and she will not marry anyone else. Tejas gets into an argument with Anirudh. He rebukes Anirudh for marrying Jhanak secretly. Anirudh fights Tejas to protect Jhanak. He supports Jhanak’s decision to protect herself. Jhanak is grateful to him. He assures that he is with her. He doesn’t want anyone to force her. She says that she can live her life on her own. Tejas says that nobody can stop him this time. Anirudh asks Tejas to get out.

Tejas threatens Anirudh:

Shubh warns Tejas about threatening his son. Tejas spills filth about Anirudh and Jhanak’s relationship. Anirudh asks Choton to call the police. Tejas says that he won’t take Anirudh’s wife with him, because she is already used. He angrily threatens Anirudh and makes a leave. Anirudh saves Jhanak again. She decides to leave the house. Shrishti insults Jhanak. Jhanak asks her to get Arshi married to Tejas. Shrishti angrily raises her hand at her, but Anirudh reaches in time to save her.

Jhanak 18th April 2024 Written Update Anirudh protects Jhanak


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