Kundali Bhagya 18th April 2024 Written Update Shaurya's hatred

Kundali Bhagya 18th April 2024 Written Update Shaurya’s hatred

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Kundali Bhagya 18th April 2024 Written Update Shaurya’s hatred. As Rakhi prays for Rajveer’s safety, Kritika assures her that he will be fine. Meanwhile, Preeta departs and Karan follows suit. Unfortunately, Preeta almost gets into an accident. Luckily, Shaurya intervenes and reprimands the driver for their mistake. However, the driver shifts the blame onto Preeta, angering Shaurya who tries to harm them. Fortunately, Karan arrives just in time to stop Shaurya’s actions and takes over the situation. Later on, at the hospital, Preeta meets with Gurpreet and breaks down in her arms.

They discuss not telling Shrishti about Rajveer’s situation, and Gurpreet urges Preeta to lean on Karan for support during this difficult time. Spotting Gurpreet talking to Karan, she reminds him of his duty towards Preeta and Rajveer. Without revealing much information about Rajveer’s condition, she asks for his help in taking care of them. He promises to do so and reassures her before Preeta arrives at the scene and embraces him while crying. Rakhi expresses to Mahesh the need for their family doctor’s involvement.

In response, Mahesh urges her to remain calm. She then raises the idea of speaking with the hospital dean about Rajveer’s treatment. As she reiterates this desire to a nurse, they call for Rajveer’s doctor. He arrives and informs the Luthra family that while he understands their preference for their family doctor, it is not feasible. The doctor assures them of his expertise and reminds them that no doctor is infallible like God. Kritika pleads for the doctor to empathize with their situation, but he dismisses their case as hopeless. Rakhi tearfully responds to his words.

Just then, Shaurya bursts in and declares that rules can be bent to save a life. Palki also implores the doctor not to speak in such a manner. However, he stands firm in his decision to not allow their family doctor at his hospital. Shaurya angrily admonishes him and demands that Rajveer be saved at any cost. He even threatens to publicly denounce the doctor through an interview if necessary. Sandy informs everyone that the video is ready. The doctor states that he will continue treatment until their family physician arrives. Rakhi expresses her gratitude to Shaurya and embraces him while tears stream down her face.

Nidhi wonders about Shaurya’s condition. Later, Sandy asks him about it, to which Shaurya replies that Rajveer saved Karan’s life, so he is now saving Rajveer’s in return. Palki also thanks Shaurya and heads to Rajveer’s room. Shanaya praises Shaurya for his caring nature towards Rajveer but notes that he often acts like a bad guy. She commends him for showing his true colors today and tells him she is proud of him. However, Shaurya clarifies that he only did it for his family and reiterates his hatred for Rajveer. He questions Shanaya if she is foolish enough to believe he is a good person and coldly walks away. Preeta remarks to Karan about Rakhi’s concern for Rajveer before Karan takes her hand and leads her away from there.


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