Bhagya Lakshmi 19th April 2024 Written Update Rishi's invite

Bhagya Lakshmi 19th April 2024 Written Update Rishi’s invite

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Bhagya Lakshmi 19th April 2024 Written Update Rishi’s invite. Rano contacts Shalu, expressing frustration for not being informed about their move to Mumbai. She invites Shalu to her home, as they will be residing there. After the call ends, the vice principal talks to Rishi and assures him that everything is taken care of. In gratitude, Rishi thanks the vice principal. Shalu informs Lakshmi about Rano’s invitation for them to stay with her. Lakshmi agrees and instructs the taxi driver to head towards Rano’s house instead. Curious, Parvati asks why they aren’t going to their new house and Lakshmi responds that Rano has requested they stay with her temporarily.

Malishka believes she saw Lakshmi, but later Neelam informs her of Lakshmi’s passing. While discussing Lakshmi, Neelam reminds Malishka of her upcoming anniversary which she had forgotten. Grateful for the reminder, Malishka agrees to make it special, and Neelam leaves. Determined to move on from thoughts of Lakshmi, Malishka decides to focus on her anniversary plans. Meanwhile, Shalu, Lakshmi, and Parvati arrive at Rano’s house. Parvati greets Rano and requests Halwa from her. Agreeing to make it, Rano watches as they pack their belongings in the house. During their conversation about finding jobs, Lakshmi receives a call from the vice principal offering her a job at their school.

The vice principal asks her to consider the offer before ending the call. Excited about the opportunity, Lakshmi eagerly accepts it. The lawyer cautions Ranjit about the consequences of any misbehavior, reminding him that he is currently out on bail and that a wrong move could send him back to jail. Ranjit’s men inform him that Lakshmi has relocated to Mumbai for Parvati’s education. Upon hearing this, Ranjit decides to travel to Mumbai and marry Lakshmi.

Meanwhile, Malishka is making plans for her upcoming anniversary. Rishi inquires about her plans and she playfully asks him to guess. Rishi jokingly mentions that he knows their anniversary falls on the day he gained custody of Rohan. On another note, Rano discusses farm fields with Shalu and Lakshmi, followed by mentioning expenses incurred there. Assured by Shalu, Rano agrees to leave everything in the capable hands of her sisters. Before long, she brings up Mr Oberoi and his connection to their family while conversing with Lakshmi and Shalu.


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