GHKKPM 19th April 2024 Written Update Savi's hatred

GHKKPM 19th April 2024 Written Update Savi’s hatred

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GHKKPM 19th April 2024 Written Update Savi’s hatred. Ishaan and Savi’s relationship is improving, but Savi’s joy may be short-lived. She has developed feelings for Ishaan and hopes their relationship will last longer than anticipated. However, things take a turn when Ishaan’s guilt leads him to confess the truth to Savi. Chinmay shares his desire for his father’s love with them, recounting his emotional story. Savi is filled with sorrow and can sense the anguish within Chinmay. Later, she confides in Ishaan, telling him that there is something she needs to share. He admits his role in her family’s downfall. In response, Savi scolds Ishaan for betraying her trust and declares her hatred towards him. He reveals that he is responsible for the death of Chavan’s family.

Savi regrets that she had started feeling for Ishaan. She didn’t wish Ishaan to reject her love, but after knowing the truth, she feels he doesn’t deserve her love. She realizes that he has hidden a big truth from her. She says that he always encouraged her to focus on her goal and become an IAS officer, just because he is guilty. She walks out on him. Will Savi be able to forgive Ishaan once she learns the truth? Keep reading for GHKKPM 19th April 2024 Written Update.

Story till now:

The entire audience is left in disbelief as the Ram Navami play undergoes an unexpected transformation into a dance performance. Mr. Patil turns to Yashwant in confusion, questioning the sudden change. Yashwant reacts with anger, labeling it as a distasteful joke. In an attempt to uncover the truth, Yashwant instructs Ishaan to investigate and learns that Chinmay is responsible for this alteration. To everyone’s shock, Chinmay emerges on stage donning a Raavan costume and expresses his fury through his dance. Yashwant’s emotions escalate upon seeing his son’s audacious move. Meanwhile, Patil demands to know who dared to portray Yashwant as the antagonist and Yashwant refuses to reveal that it was his son behind the act.

GHKKPM 19th April 2024 Written Update Savi’s hatred:

Chinmay embarrasses Yashwant in front of everyone. He says that Raavan has longed for his father’s love. He adds that Raavan’s father never liked him because Raavan couldn’t become like his dad. He adds that Raavan wasn’t obedient to his father. Ishaan finds the stage entry door locked. He tries to find a way to reach Chinmay and stop him. Chinmay tells him that Raavan’s dad never cared for him and gave all his love to Vibhishan. He adds that Raavan always had a wound on his heart, his father’s expectations have turned Raavan into a devil and hence he got his name Raavan.

GHKKPM 19th April 2024 Written Update Savi's hatred

He blames Raavan’s father for his evil. Ishaan says that the backstage door is locked. Savi goes and switches off the power. Yashwant apologizes to Patil. He asks Ishaan to handle the stage. He angrily goes to open the backstage door. Ishaan pulls down the curtains on Chinmay’s act. Yashwant breaks the door and goes to Chinmay. He rebukes Chinmay for mocking his father. He drags Chinmay with him. Nishikant apologizes to everyone about Chinmay’s blunder. He tells them that they shall end the function and move towards the dining hall. Yashwant slaps Chinmay. Chinmay laughs when Yashwant yells at him.

He misbehaves with Yashwant. Surekha and the family members reach there, and find Yashwant slapping Chinmay. Chinmay recollects Yashwant beating him in his teenage years. Surekha asks Yashwant to stop. Yashwant picks a stick and bashes up Chinmay. Chinmay gets used to the abuse and laughs. He says that Chinmay brings only shame to them. Surekha asks him to spare Chinmay. Ishaan asks Chinmay why is he doing this. Yashwant refuses to give any money to Chinmay.

GHKKPM 19th April 2024 Written Update Savi's hatred

Chinmay says that Yashwant has taken over his land property. He calls Yashwant a greedy man. Yashwant refuses to give him any property. Chinmay says that he will not go empty-handed, he will take the land and also his property share. He reveals that he will get a divorce as well. Shikha weeps. Asmita asks Chinmay why is he hurting Shikha. She tells Chinmay about Shikha’s dedication and loyalty. Chinmay isn’t affected by anything. The family weeps. Surekha asks Chinmay not to divorce Shikha.

She says that he can’t break his marriage. She asks him to think about the family respect. Chinmay asks her to stop the melodrama. He tells her that Shikha is ready to give him the divorce. He reveals about Shikha’s condition of divorce. He says that he has come to stay with them for 30 days. Asmita asks Shikha if she has agreed to divorce him. Surekha also questions Shikha. She rebukes Shikha. Shikha gets scared.

GHKKPM 19th April 2024 Written Update Savi's hatred

Surekha angrily raises her hand at Shikha. Savi stops her and reveals that it was her idea to bring Chinmay home. She says that she had asked Shikha to keep this condition for divorce. Ishaan asks Savi if she is sounding sane to herself. He says that she can’t decide about Shikha and Chinmay. Savi justifies herself. He asks her to focus on her studies and not interfere in the family matters. He asks her if she knows divorce is a big thing. He says that she has no right to do this. Surekha says that she was thinking about how did foolish Shikha made such a big decision. She asks Savi who is she and that she is making the decisions for the family. She asks Shikha how dare she decide to divorce Chinmay.

Savi’s strong stand for Shikha:

Savi fights for Shikha. She says that Surekha didn’t give any courage and support to Shikha till now. She adds that Shikha never questioned Surekha and Yashwant about their lie about Chinmay. She defends Shikha. She asks Chinmay why he got married when he never wanted to keep a relationship with Shikha. She wants Shikha to decide her life. She asks Yashwant if he has the answer, why did Chinmay marry Shikha and why did he become Raavan? She wants to know the reason. She says that she wants to ask Yashwant, who has forced Chinmay to become a Raavan, and why. Chinmay says that Savi is strong enough to question Yashwant.

GHKKPM 19th April 2024 Written Update Savi's hatred

He likes the drama. Yashwant asks Savi how dare she question him. He scolds her. He says that his son is ungrateful just like Savi. Savi says that she wants to know about Chinmay. Yashwant asks her to shut up and stop interfering between him and his son. Chinmay says that he isn’t Yashwant’s son. Yashwant calls him a stain. He loses his cool and asks Chinmay to leave. Chinmay shouts at Yashwant and Ishaan. He says that he didn’t cross any limits till now. He doesn’t regard Yashwant as his dad. He says that he has come home to his wish and he will go with his wish too. He adds that nobody can stop him.

Chinmay blackmails Yashwant:

He wants his rights. Yashwant asks him not to beg him and earn money. Chinmay asks Yashwant if his dad did charity for him as well. Yashwant doesn’t want to give anything to Chinmay. Chinmay blackmails Yashwant and asks him to give him his property share if he wants to save his reputation. He calls Yashwant a coward. Ishaan gets angry. Chinmay makes a leave. Ishaan asks Yashwant to tell him what was Chinmay saying. Yashwant tells him that he will talk to him later. He asks him to handle the people in the auditorium. He asks the family members to behave normal in front of the people.

GHKKPM 19th April 2024 Written Update Savi's hatred


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