YRKKH 19th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi's truth out

YRKKH 19th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi’s truth out

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YRKKH 19th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi’s truth out. Goenkas prepare to meet the Poddars. Manish is excited to meet Ruhi and learn about the guy she loves. Swarna wants to speak to Ruhi. She says that Ruhi has to forget Armaan. Armaan helps Abhira deck up for Gangaur. Ruhi happily dresses up for Armaan. Abhira is pleased with Armaan’s gesture of love. She says that she isn’t able to stand on her feet. He says that her anklet got stuck. She falls over Armaan. They share an eye lock. Ruhi misses to see them in a close moment. Armaan compliments her. Abhira gets glad. Charu informs Dev about the Gangaur celebrations. She asks him if he will celebrate it with her.

YRKKH 19th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi's truth out

Charu decides to quit:

He apologizes that he has no interest in it. She says that she knows everything, but they shall give new hope to their love by performing the Gangaur puja. He agrees to do it for her sake. Sanjana catches them. She reprimands Dev for cheating on her. Dev tells her that he is now divorced, and free to have any relationship. He doesn’t give her a right to state anything against Charu. Sanjana asks him to forget his son. She threatens him. She wants him to end his relationship with Charu. Dev asks Charu to stay relieved. He doesn’t think Sanjana can do anything. Charu agrees to stop meeting Dev. She asks Sanjana not to distance Dev and his son.

Vidya likes to see Manisha and Manoj’s happiness. She is surprised to know that Madhav has kept a fast for her. Sanjay doesn’t value Kajal. She asks him to come along for puja. He yells at her. Krish opposes Sanjay. He angrily breaks Sanjay’s phone. He takes a stand for Kajal. He asks Sanjay to behave well with Kajal. Sanjay angrily raises his hand, but Krish stops him. He rebels against Sanjay. Sanjay accuses Kajal. Kajal begs them to stop fighting. Charu is lost. She gets Dev’s message. She gets happy reading his love note. Dev wants to continue their relationship. Kaveri is pleased to see her family members.

YRKKH 19th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi's truth out

Manisha learns Ruhi’s truth:

Abhira asks Charu to tell everyone about Dev. Charu says that she will tell them once Dev’s issues get resolved. Ruhi intervenes. Abhira asks Ruhi to give divorce papers to other couples too. Manisha gets to see Ruhi’s handwriting and realizes that the love note was written by Ruhi. She doubts Ruhi. She shares her findings with Manoj. She says that she will talk to Kaveri and Vidya right away. He stops her from revealing the truth.

Manoj asks her to prove her doubt to him first and then she can reveal it to anyone she wants. She takes his challenge. She is sure that she is thinking right. Goenkas come home to meet Ruhi. Manish embraces Ruhi. He gets emotional seeing Abhira. He blesses Armaan and her. Kaveri gets threatened by Saxena’s son. She looks for Kiara and Charu. Vidya says that the girls are performing on Gangaur. The girls dance to a traditional song. Abhira joins them. Ruhi compliments Armaan. She asks him not to feel awkward. She wishes to celebrate the next Gangaur together. Armaan dons his name chunri on Abhira.

YRKKH 19th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi's truth out

Ruhi steals the dupatta:

Ruhi feels jealous watching them. Everyone claps for Armaan and Abhira. Abhira is troubled by the heavy lehenga and jewelry. She goes to freshen up. She realizes she has lost the special dupatta. Ruhi takes the dupatta to don it, as she thinks only she has a right to it. Later, Abhira wishes Armaan also feels the same love for her. She decides to profess love to Armaan.


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