Anupama 22nd April 2024 Written Update Anupama vows

Anupama 22nd April 2024 Written Update Anupama vows

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Anupama 22nd April 2024 Written Update Anupama vows. Anupama vividly recalls the events. The bullet was meant for her, but Shruti ended up getting shot. She can’t shake off the guilt and tears stream down her face. Aadhya is in shock, embraced by Anuj. She eventually falls asleep on the bench. Anupama witnesses their emotional reunion and joins in with a hug as well. Tears flow freely as they all express their concerns. Anuj voices his desperation for help, knowing how Aadhya had already suffered trauma before. He pleads for Anupama not to leave them, mentioning their close relationship with Shruti and the fear of panic attacks resurfacing. As he breaks down, Anupama assures him she is there to stay.

Kinjal looks at the family photo and tears up. She mentions that their flight didn’t make it and everything unfolded in such an unexpected way. Suddenly, Aadhya wakes up and lets out a loud cry. She then falls back onto her bed. Anupama rushes to her side, comforting her with a hug and gently tucking her back into bed. Meanwhile, the medical team removes the bullet from Shruti’s body. Anuj follows Anupama as she steps out of the room, where she breaks down in tears again. Anuj offers her some water and asks what happened. Through sobs, Anupama reveals that Shruti got shot because of her actions.

In a panicked tone, Anuj reassures her that it wasn’t her fault but Anupama is inconsolable, blaming herself for the incident. She explains how she was trying to protect Pari and Aadhya when the bullet hit Shruti instead. Despite his efforts to console her, Anuj cannot shake off Anupama’s guilt-filled confession. The doctor later delivers grave news about Shruti’s chances of survival while Aadhya scolds Anupama for causing this tragedy by being overly protective of them all. In response, Anupama promises to bring joy to Aadhya by returning Shruti to her.

Anupama 22nd April 2024 Written Update Anupama vows

Anupama 22nd April 2024 Written Update Anupama vows:

Anuj and Anupama weep, while he tries to end her guilt. She shares her sorrow with him. He says that nobody needs a license to purchase a gun. He regrets the gun culture in the States. He cries for Shruti. He is worried that Aadhya won’t be able to handle the trauma. Anupama feels children break down by the trauma. She wishes parents give more time to their children and show them the right path. She fears about Pari and Aadhya’s future. Anuj says that they have to bring the kids out of the trauma. He adds that Aadhya is in shock with the fear of losing Shruti. Anuj and Anupama run to the doctor to ask about Shruti’s condition.

The doctor gives them the bad news that Shruti’s survival chances are feeble. Aadhya recalls the incident. She overhears the doctor’s words. She angrily blames Anupama. She tells that Anupama can’t see Anuj and her happy. She threatens to end her life if anything happens to Shruti. She says that Anupama will be responsible for her death. She cries for Shruti. Anupama is in tears.

Anupama 22nd April 2024 Written Update Anupama vows

Yashdeep witnesses this moment and thinks to not meet Anupama. Anuj and Aadhya see Shruti and cry. Anupama recalls the accusations against her and leaves with a sad heart. Yashdeep informs Biji that he will meet Anuj and Anupama later because Aadhya isn’t in the right frame of mind. Biji understands the situation.

Paritosh’s fears:

Paritosh tells Kinjal that Anupama should have not gone to the hospital. She asks him to relax and have food. He doesn’t want Anupama to support Anuj, by leaving Kinjal and Pari alone at home. He says that Anuj and Aadhya are still Anupama’s priority. Kinjal asks him to be sensitive, Shruti is shot and Anupama should be with Anuj and Aadhya. He worries about Pari’s mental trauma. He says that Aadhya needs a mother, and even they want their mother. Kinjal says that they are mature and can handle themselves, even Pari is mature and asked Anupama to go to Aadhya. Paritosh says that Aadhya misbehaves with Anupama, they have kept Anupama at home, so she should favor them first. She says that Anupama has saved Pari’s life. She asks him to stop fighting. She cries. He apologizes to her.

Anupama 22nd April 2024 Written Update Anupama vows

Kinjal hopes Shruti gets fine soon. He embraces and consoles her. Anuj goes to express his emotions to Anupama. He is panicking about Aadhya. He says that he has taken Aadhya to a counselor. He says that he is sorry about Aadhya’s behavior. She understands that Aadhya is in pain because she has lost her mother twice. She knows that Aadhya is suffering a lot. She regrets Aadhya’s fate. Anuj tells her that one becomes habitual in tolerating pain, and the other person watching him also feels the same sorrow. Anupama tells him that Shruti is a good person and a loving mother. She wishes Shruti to recover soon.

Anuj says that Aadhya and Shruti are best friends. She finds him upset. She says that they shall talk about something else. She distracts him by speaking about the past moments. They cheer themselves and laugh while crying at the same time. The doctor summons them to discuss an important matter. They rush to meet the doctor. Anuj tells the doctor that Anupama is her family and she can stay back in the conversation. The doctor tells Anuj that they are trying their best to save Shruti, even if Shruti survives, she won’t be able to conceive a child. Anuj and Anupama feel bad for Shruti.

He says that it should be Shruti’s decision to have a child or not, but fate has done injustice to her. He doesn’t know her reaction to this news. Anupama also agrees with him. Anuj tells her that he will go and pick up Aadhya from the counseling chamber.

Shahs return home:

Shah family reaches home. Leela says that she missed her home. The kids ask Vanraj to call Pari. Vanraj calls Paritosh. Kinjal and Paritosh try to hide the matter, but they appear tense. He asks them if they are missing the family. Paritosh reveals about the shootout at Pari’s school. The Shah family is shocked by the news. Anuj meets the counselor who says that Aadhya isn’t reacting to the situation, her silence is scary and he needs to work to normalize her. She warns him about Aadhya’s depression and suicidal tendencies. She tells that Aadhya needs the family’s love and care, else he can lose her forever. Anupama stays around Aadhya to keep a watch on her.


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