GHKKPM 22nd April 2024 Written Update Guilty Ishaan

GHKKPM 22nd April 2024 Written Update Guilty Ishaan

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GHKKPM 22nd April 2024 Written Update Guilty Ishaan. Shikha performs pooja at the temple and asks Reeva to pray for a quick reunion between herself and Ishaan. Blushing, Reeva also prays to God that her love for Ishaan will never waver, hoping that he will reciprocate her feelings. Meanwhile, Savi writes a heartfelt letter to Ishaan expressing her gratitude for his presence in her life and how much she has grown since meeting him. With bated breath, she anxiously awaits his return. When Ishaan finally arrives home, he is taken aback by the decorations and the sight of Chinmay snacking without a care in the world. He questions Chinmay’s lack of concern for Shikha, who went through the effort to prepare everything out of love for him. Chinmay asserts that he is not bothered by the girl and reveals that Ishaan’s wife prepared the decorations and snacks.

Ishaan dismisses this as nonsense. Chinmay believes that Ishaan is foolish not to see his wife Savi’s love for him, as he is blinded by Yashwant’s flattery. Chinmay advises him to mind his own business and notices how Savi is going mad with love for him. Frustrated, Ishaan drives off in his car. Meanwhile, Savi returns with juice and wonders if someone visited while she was gone. She checks outside but sees no one. Later, at a secluded spot, Ishaan reflects on Chinmay’s words.

Back at home, Savi worries why Ishaan has not returned from college yet. The incident with Reeva comes to mind and makes her feel jealous. In the meantime, she tries calling Ishaan, but he does not pick up. Concerned about her dwindling courage, she hopes her family does not return before Ishaan so they can sort things out peacefully. She calls back, but he disconnects the call. Keep reading for GHKKPM 22nd April 2024 Written Update.

GHKKPM 22nd April 2024 Written Update Guilty Ishaan

GHKKPM 22nd April 2024 Written Update Guilty Ishaan:

Savi eagerly awaits Ishaan’s return home to express her feelings for him, but he doesn’t show up. Disappointed, she assumes that Ishaan will not come home and begins to put away all of the food and decorations. Meanwhile, Ishaan has a conversation with Harini, who is sleeping at the time. He mentions that this situation was not planned and wonders how Savi could love him. He admits that his marriage to Savi was solely to support her dreams of becoming an IAS officer, and he plans on telling her the truth about their arranged marriage later on.

However, as he contemplates whether Savi could truly love him without knowing the truth, he decides to come clean with her. While waiting for Ishaan’s return, Savi calls Preeti and asks if he has left college yet. Upon learning that he has indeed left, Savi becomes even more worried about why he hasn’t come home yet. Preeti playfully teases Savi about her concern for Ishaan. Savi gives thanks to the Goddess for her blessings, including her beloved son Ishaan.

As the Bhosle ladies return from the temple, Reeva prepares to leave but is urged by Surekha to stay and have some cooling water. Anvi affectionately addresses Savi as a sister-in-law, earning a comment from Surekha. The ladies gather in the kitchen for refreshments, with Surekha helping herself to some cool water and Durva indulging in a mango Mastani from the fridge. Anvi notices another one and asks Durva for it, who happily offers it to her. While grabbing the drink, Anvi also discovers a letter in the fridge. Asmita gives Prasad to Savi and expresses her hope that Savi won’t leave the house.

Upon receiving it, Savi remembers she left a letter in the fridge and quickly retrieves it. Anvi asks why she’s searching the kitchen, sharing that she also prayed for Savi not to leave. Anvi then reveals she found the letter and questions if Savi loves Ishaan. Savi confirms this but admits that despite making arrangements, Ishaan hasn’t returned home yet. As Ishaan’s inner self surfaces and confronts him about his marriage to Savi, wondering how he’ll prevent her love without telling her the truth, Ishaan resolves to use his behavior towards her to make her stop loving him.

Yashwant and Nishikant inquire about the reporters’ presence in their house. The journalists mention being called by Chinmay. Shortly after, Chinmay approaches and reveals a gift he made for Yashwant. However, Yashwant declines to see it, stating it is unnecessary. This piques the reporters’ interest to know what the gift is. At this, Chinmay offers to show them immediately.


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