Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd April 2024 Written Update Mystery guy

Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd April 2024 Written Update Mystery guy

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Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd April 2024 Written Update Mystery guy. Sahiba becomes concerned for Akir and promptly reminds him to return her promptly. However, the two mischievous friends, Akir and Daljeet, emerge from behind with smirks on their faces, confessing to playing a prank on Sahiba. Needless to say, Sahiba becomes infuriated with their actions. Unbeknownst to them, a masked man observes their antics from a hidden position.

As Angad walks with his family towards the engagement, Arminder greets them and informs them that Amu is waiting for Angad. Meanwhile, Sahiba is busy painting Akir’s face when Bani approaches her and asks for the same treatment. Curious about Bani, Sahiba asks for her name to which she replies as Bani Kaur Baweja. Just then, Garry appears in front of Sahiba and points towards Keerat. Overcome with emotion upon seeing Keerat, Sahiba hugs her tightly.

As Daljeet joins them and greets Garry, Sahiba asks if he knows Garry. Daljeet introduces Garry as Angad’s brother and Sahiba offers a warm greeting to him. As Angad and Amu’s engagement begins, Angad remembers Inder’s words about Sahiba being the perfect life partner. His mind wanders to memories of their quality time together. Meanwhile, Sahiba is happily swinging on the swing with Akir. Seeing this, Daljeet seizes the opportunity to express his love for her over the microphone. Sahiba turns towards him but before she can respond, a masked man catches her attention. Akir gets off the swing and leaves with the man.

Daljeet takes this chance to confess his feelings to Sahiba who is in shock upon realizing Akir is no longer by her side. As Daljeet quickly stops the swing, Sahiba anxiously asks for Akir’s whereabouts. His friend reveals that he left with a man dressed in a lion costume. This triggers Sahiba’s memory of Akir repeatedly mentioning a mysterious person to her before.

Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd April 2024 Written Update Mystery guy:

Sahiba suspects that Angad is Akir’s secret friend, who took him away from her. Manveer says that Angad has come for the engagement. Jasleen says that Angad might have gotten emotional remembering Inder. Angad agrees that a father and a son miss each other. Amu asks him if he is feeling better. Angad and Amu exchange the rings. The family members congratulate them. Manveer suggests that they decide on the wedding date too. Angad says that he will leave the decision to Bebe. Sahiba misunderstands Angad. She goes to Angad and cries for Akir. Manveer asks her why she came. Sahiba rebukes Angad for ruining her life. Manveer tells them about Sahiba. Angad and Sahiba get into an argument.

Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd April 2024 Written Update Mystery guy

Angad denies any involvement:

Daljeet asks Sahiba why is she asking Sir Ji. Angad asks him if Akir is missing. Daljeet confirms it. He believes Angad. He says that Angad can’t snatch Akir from them. Angad says that he has no involvement in it. Amu tells Sahiba that Angad is her past, she may hate him, but he can never do such a thing. Daljeet learns about Sahiba and Angad’s past relationship. Sahiba doesn’t give a right to Amu to speak between them. Sahiba accuses Angad. Daljeet realizes that Angad is Akir’s father. Manveer says that Sahiba has come to cause problems in Angad’s life. Sahiba tells that Angad has kidnapped Akir. Angad denies it. He says that he will find Akir and prove his innocence. Sahiba asks him to stop acting. Manveer suggests that Sahiba leave right away. Sahiba leaves them with a warning.

Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd April 2024 Written Update Mystery guy

Sahiba and Angad’s clash:

Sahiba and Daljeet get worried for Akir. Angad says that he has to find Akir. Daljeet is in shock, while Sahiba speaks to the police inspector. Sahiba tells the inspector that Angad is behind the kidnapping. Daljeet recalls Sahiba’s words. Angad reaches the police station to meet the inspector. Manveer and Jasleen tell that Angad has thrown Sahiba out of his life. They feel Angad hates Sahiba and he has gone just for Akir’s sake. Amu understands Angad. Manveer is pleased. Amu says that they should also go and help Angad. Manveer agrees. Sahiba scolds Angad for hurting Akir’s heart and troubling them by using his richness. She doesn’t want Angad to take Akir anywhere. Angad asks her to stop blaming him.

He tells that he will find Akir. Sahiba wonders how can he kidnap his son. Angad loves Akir a lot. She argues with him about ruining her world. Angad asks her if she was careless towards Akir. He says that he lost his dad because of her carelessness, and he had lost his baby too. He criticizes her. Daljeet watches them. Sahiba says that Angad hates her and he is still accusing her. The inspector asks her why is she blaming Angad. She says that Angad is her ex-husband. Daljeet calms her down. He says that Angad can never harm a child and they will find Akir. Angad asks the inspector to find Akir.

Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd April 2024 Written Update Mystery guy

Manveer insults Sahiba:

Manveer and Amu reach there. Manveer accuses Sahiba and Daljeet of hiding Akir with a motive to dupe them for money. She says that they have planned this to ruin Angad’s Roka. Sahiba says that she has no interest in Angad’s Roka. Manveer insults Sahiba and Daljeet. Sahiba asks Manveer if she doesn’t understand her pain, being a mother herself. Angad asks Manveer to stop arguing. Daljeet answers Manveer. He praises Sahiba, who is the best mother to Akir. He says that Sahiba can die for Akir’s sake. He asks Manveer to not insult Sahiba. Sahiba and Daljeet rush to find Akir. Manveer tells Angad that Sahiba can’t frame him. Angad just wishes Akir is fine. Sahiba and Daljeet come to the fair. They tell the inspector about the mystery guy. The police begin the investigation.

They learn that the lion costume guy was in disguise and he wasn’t a part of the drama group. Sahiba says that Akir knew that guy and called him a secret friend, so he went with his will. She fears that the person can harm Akir. Sahiba and Angad have a moment. Sahiba gets Akir’s Mauli. She cries for him.


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  1. girliedude Avatar

    this show should be thrown off air, it is a degrade to women. one is struggling to raise her child as a single mom, and the other in a hurry to snatch someone else’s husband. this show does not leave up to its narrative. it has been disconnected form the narrative. the directors/creators have run out of stories that they are just copying other shows or slightly changing it with some nonsense. it does not make sense at all. i wonder why indian soap operas always portray women as weak, wicked and desperate for men. there is always a drama where someone forcefully throws themselves to men, or try to trap them. and then if you have a man like angad sing brar with no brains, it is even worse. how could someone be in arelationship when either a man/woman already told you that they can not love you but you still insist on marrying them for the sake of prestige, it is disgusting. i wonder how that bustard will get himself out of this mess. i wish saiba brings the entire brar family to their knees especially the 4 stooges, angad, bebe the hypocrite, manveer the mongoose and tthat gurlen the sour face in regards to akir. so they can desperately see him on saiba’s terms. it is about time saiba becomes independent again and says goodbye to the excuses of men angad and daljit, walk out and go raise her own son. i hope akir never accepts manveer as her grandma the same way she never accepted saiba. i hope saiba will put everybody in their place especially those 3 hypocrites of a women, bebe, manveer and gurlen. she should remind manveer that she is a socail climber and her friendship is only based on status for prestige. nowonder inder never found interest in her as his wife because of her antics. i wish amu should be a bad kama for the bras.

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