Teri Meri Doriyaan 23rd April 2024 Written Update Akir's search

Teri Meri Doriyaan 23rd April 2024 Written Update Akir’s search

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Teri Meri Doriyaan 23rd April 2024 Written Update Akir’s search. Upon arriving at the police station, Sahiba immediately accuses Angad of kidnapping Akir and demands that the cops arrest him. When asked for her reason for suspecting Angad, Sahiba reveals that he is her ex-husband and she believes he is purposefully causing trouble for her. Manveer interrupts, claiming that Akir has not been kidnapped and instead Sahiba and Daljeet are falsely framing them to extort money.

However, Daljeet quickly silences Manveer, stating that Sahiba is a devoted mother who would never resort to such deceitful actions. Despite this, Sahiba leads the cops to search for her missing son while Angad follows closely behind. The police arrive at the Gurudwara and gather all the drama group people dressed in animal costumes. Among them are Sahiba, Daljeet, and the officers who discover that there is no lion present. The individuals in animal costumes are part of a troupe.

The cops realize that the kidnappers must have disguised themselves. Sahiba explains to the officers that the kidnapper had first befriended Akir secretly before abducting him. The cops immediately begin their search for Akir. As he takes out his phone, a handkerchief falls from his pocket. Both Sahiba and Angad reach for it, but Angad ultimately takes it and places it into his pocket. Will they be able to find Akir? Where is Akir and who is his secret friend? Keep reading for Teri Meri Doriyaan 23rd April 2024 Written Update.

Teri Meri Doriyaan 23rd April 2024 Written Update Akir’s search:

Sahiba comes across Akir’s sacred thread and wonders where he may be. She then sees him playing on a wooden horse, and overhears him telling his secret friend that he wants to see his parents. Daljeet tells Sahiba they need to look for Akir, prompting her to mention that she believes his secret friend is responsible for his disappearance. She stresses the importance of finding this person in order to find Akir. However, when the police arrive and report that they have not found any clues, Angad urges them to do whatever it takes to locate Akir. Despite feeling regretful about not taking Sahiba’s advice to stay away from Angad, Daljeet asks if he knows that Akir is his son.

Sahiba confirms this and then reveals to Daljeet the truth about what happened at the relief camp, expressing her disappointment in Angad’s actions. Daljeet acknowledges that things would have been different if she had disclosed this information earlier. Angad’s concern for Akir weighs heavily on his mind. Arminder advises him to stop worrying about Akir and assures him that his parents are fully capable of looking out for their son. He brings up how Angad’s preoccupation with Akir caused problems in setting a wedding date. However, Angad remains determined to find Akir before moving forward with preparations.

Arminder cautions Angad that if anything happens to Amu because of all this, he will not let Angad off the hook easily. Manveer hands over a bag of money to two individuals as payment for the job she had assigned them earlier. Garry approaches Sahiba and questions her suspicion towards Angad. She replies that she believes it is only him who harbors resentment towards her. Garry then shares his thoughts on Angad as well. He offers to aid in finding Akir and urges Sahiba to trust him. Later, Garry contacts Angad, mentioning that he had just met with Sahiba. In response, Angad says he will speak with him at a later time and ends the call. As he enters the room, he contemplates about Akir’s whereabouts while unlocking the door.

Meanwhile, Sahiba speaks to the police over the phone, requesting them to review the CCTV footage from Angad’s hotel. The police inspector agrees to do so. Biji calls for Sahiba’s attention and Daljeet takes her aside to speak privately. With Akir still missing, Sahiba becomes restless and eventually falls asleep in his room. Jasleen inquires if Manveer is capable of completing the assigned task. Manveer responds with hope. Jasleen then asks about their plan if someone else learns about the job. Just then, Garry approaches and questions them about their conversation. Amu joins Manveer and speaks to her, feeling uneasy when she notices them stop talking upon her arrival. She suspects they are keeping something from her.

Biji confronts Daljeet for withholding important information from her. Daljeet anxiously worries about Angad potentially taking Akir away from him. However, Biji reassures him that such a scenario will not occur. Harmeet reflects on her past while Amu questions her about taking so many sleeping pills. Harmeet then remarks on Angad’s apparent interest in Sahiba and her son. Amu trusts Angad and assures Harmeet not to worry. A suspected kidnapper dressed in a lion costume sneaks into Akir’s room and searches for something.

Sahiba wakes up to find the intruder and demands to know where Akir is. The suspect escapes through the window but Sahiba gives chase, managing to catch him before he gets away. As she tears a piece off his costume, she notices his white shoes. However, the suspect manages to escape again. Running into Angad, Sahiba realizes he is wearing the same shoes as the kidnapper.


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