YRKKH 23rd April 2024 Written Update Abhira rebuked

YRKKH 23rd April 2024 Written Update Abhira rebuked

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YRKKH 23rd April 2024 Written Update Abhira rebuked. Armaan and Abhira have a cute banter. She tries to tell him about the heart-shaped stone with her message. He tells that something happened to her. She says yes. She says that she will tell him everything soon. Ruhi thinks of breaking the clay heart. She weeps in sorrow. Armaan stops Abhira from going away. He embraces her in his arms and demands to know what is going on. He tells her that he won’t let her go anywhere until she tells him the truth. Abhira gathers the courage to say I love you to him. Ruhi angrily hits and breaks the clay heart. Abhira tricks Armaan and runs away. Manish feels Sanjana has suffered a lot, but didn’t tell them anything. Sanjana says that she was handling her divorce and couldn’t come.

Swarna suggests that Sanjana and Dev try to give another chance to their marriage. Sanjana reveals about Dev and Charu’s affair. Swarna is shocked to know that. Manish asks if it’s Sanjay’s daughter Charu. Swarna thinks and says that it would be some other Charu because Charu and Dev have much age difference. Charu arrives there to return Manish’s wallet. Manish asks her to have some food. He says that Sanjana has come home. He introduces Sanjana as his friend’s daughter. Charu gets scared seeing Sanjana. She avoids Sanjana and leaves in a rush. Sanjana misses to see Charu. Swarna tells Sanjana about Charu.

YRKKH 23rd April 2024 Written Update Abhira rebuked

Abhira plans a treasure hunt for Armaan YRKKH 23rd April 2024:

She asks Armaan to play a treasure hunt and know what she wants to say. Armaan asks her to come to the point. Abhira says that he can find the clues and know the truth. He doesn’t understand the clues. Abhira wishes him all the best.

Manisha suspects Ruhi:

Manisha summons Ruhi for some work. She asks Ruhi to just help her with the bills. She keeps the I love you note there. She wants to see Ruhi’s reaction. Armaan comes at the same time. Manisha misses to see Ruhi’s shocked expressions. Ruhi pretends ignorant. She knows Manisha is suspecting her. She asks Manisha if she wrote the note for Manoj. Armaan asks Manisha to give him the hint. He tells Ruhi that Abhira is making him find something, instead of revealing the truth. Manisha tells him that it would be a big thing.

YRKKH 23rd April 2024 Written Update Abhira rebuked

Abhira says that once Armaan comes to her, she will propose to him. Ruhi cries in fear of losing her love. She wants to do something to make Armaan against Abhira. Armaan asks Krish and Kiara to give the chit given by Abhira. Manisha tells the family about Abhira’s treasure hunt. Kajal calls them a cute couple. Armaan says that Abhira is troubling him. He says that he understood the place to go. Charu arrives home. Armaan asks her why is she so late. Charu states some office work.

Ruhi reveals the shocking truth:

Ruhi exposes Charu’s affair with Dev. She says that Charu is lying. She adds that even Abhira knew about Charu and Dev’s affair. She turns Armaan and the entire family against Abhira. Charu gets scared. Ruhi feels sorry that she had to do this for Armaan’s sake. Kaveri turns angered and slaps Charu. Sanjay and Kajal are upset with the news. Kaveri asks Abhira to stay silent. She blames Abhira for supporting Charu. Vidya doesn’t think it’s Abhira’s fault. Kaveri says that Abhira encourages the children to do wrong. She insults Abhira’s upbringing and values. Abhira replies that Kaveri has no values of her own. Kaveri comments on Abhira bringing bad luck for them. She blocks Charu from going to college and the office.

YRKKH 23rd April 2024 Written Update Abhira rebuked

Abhira takes a stand for Charu:

Abhira asks Kaveri not to punish Charu. Sanjay jumps into the argument. He is ashamed of Charu. He humiliates Abhira and her parents. He speaks ill about Akshara. Abhira breaks down into tears. Armaan stops Sanjay. Sanjay asks him to control his wife. She says that Abhira has ruined the lives of his children. He tells Armaan that Dev is a divorcee and has a child. He calls Charu disgusting. He says that he will get Charu married to a nice guy. Charu refuses. Sanjay and Kajal angrily raise their hands on Charu. Abhira asks them to give a chance to Charu and listen to her once. She says that Charu truly loves Dev. Kajal reprimands Abhira. Suddenly, Kaveri faints. Kajal accuses Charu of Kaveri’s condition.

YRKKH 23rd April 2024 Written Update Abhira rebuked

Poddars turn against Abhira:

Vidya stops Kajal. She asks Kajal not to blame Charu. Sanjay asks Charu to blame Abhira. Madhav, Manisha, and Manoj also get against Abhira. Abhira weeps. Everyone goes against Abhira for hiding the truth from the family. Abhira tries to explain to Armaan. He is upset that she didn’t tell him anything. He says that Dev is 15 years older than Charu. He asks her to understand his concern. He taunts that she doesn’t have a sister to understand him. He angrily walks away from her. Ruhi asks Armaan to get separated from Abhira. Armaan asks Abhira to leave his life. Sanjay overhears this and smirks.


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