Kumkum Bhagya 23rd April 2024 Written Update Prachi saves Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd April 2024 Written Update Prachi saves Ranbir

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Kumkum Bhagya 23rd April 2024 Written Update Prachi saves Ranbir. Prachi and Trishna successfully locate Krishna’s car and the group of goons. Realizing the urgency of the situation, Prachi quickly suggests that they take a moment to think through their next move. She turns to Trishna, asking for a moment to gather her thoughts. Meanwhile, Deepika agrees to drop Yug at their current location, as per his request. Once safely dropped off, Deepika drives away from the area. Monisha can’t help but comment on Yug’s apparent belief that RV and Purvi are meant to be together.

At that exact moment, Amar Dayal makes an appearance at the wedding venue and begins speaking with reporters. Gajendra’s wife watches the footage on her phone before showing it to Gajendra himself. Upon seeing this, Gajendra rushes over to put an end to Amar Dayal’s conversation with the media. Prachi contacts RV and reveals the location of Krishna’s hiding place. She requests that RV bring the cops to their location. Although hesitant at first, RV agrees to call the police. However, his attempts are unsuccessful as no one answers the phone.

Suddenly, a noise is heard as Trishna accidentally drops some boxes, drawing the attention of the Goons who were unaware of their presence before. In an attempt to escape, Trishna and Krishna hide in a nearby carton box. With no one in sight, the Goons decide to relocate Krishna by putting him in a wheelchair. Meanwhile, Prachi and Krishna successfully make their way inside using the cover of the carton box. The Goons notice this unfamiliar box and decide to investigate its contents. On another note, Monisha recalls her recent encounter with Deepika where she expressed her concerns about losing RV after witnessing today’s events.

Deepika reassures Monisha not to overthink and assures her that everything is fine between them. RV, Purvi, and Diya arrive at the hideout and immediately spot Krishna’s car, confirming they are in the right place. As they enter, two goons appear behind Purvi with their guns raised. However, before they can make a move, Krishna wakes up and makes a desperate attempt to escape. A chase ensues between Krishna and the goons. Meanwhile, Prachi witnesses everything through a hole in a carton box and realizes that they have no other option but to face the goons head-on. While Trishna agrees to distract the goons, Prachi plans to safely take Krishna away from the danger zone.

As Trishna successfully keeps the goons away from Krishna’s path, Prachi quickly moves him into a wheelchair for easy transportation. Unfortunately, due to his face being covered with a bag, Prachi is unable to see Krishna’s face as she wheels him away from danger. Trishna cautions Prachi about the approaching goons, prompting her to take cover with Krishna. Purvi is taken aback upon seeing the goons, while RV contacts someone to call the police to their whereabouts. Suddenly, Yug arrives and pretends to hold the goons at gunpoint, allowing RV and Purvi to escape. As Yug ponders his next move, he knows he must find a means of getting away from this situation.






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