YRKKH 24th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi's evil

YRKKH 24th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi’s evil

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YRKKH 24th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi’s evil. Abhira invites Armaan to participate in a treasure hunt to find out what’s happening. Armaan eagerly accepts the challenge and begins solving the puzzle. Meanwhile, Manisha calls out for Ruhi and decides to test her love for Armaan. However, Ruhi becomes aware of Manisha’s doubts and changes the subject. She then discovers that Abhira has given the puzzle to Armaan, prompting her to realize that she cannot let go of her feelings for him. As Armaan focuses on solving the puzzle, Abhira gets excited and Charu returns home.

Kaveri confronts Charu about her affair with Dev, but Charu tries to deny it. Ruhi exposes their affair, revealing that even Abhira knows the truth. This angers Armaan and shocks both Abhira and Charu. Finally, Ruhi declares that she cannot lose Armaan under any circumstances. Kaveri slaps Charu for her actions, upset with her for supporting Dev and Armaan. She blames Abhira and questions her upbringing. However, Abhira confidently responds to Kaveri’s accusations and defends herself. Despite this, Kaveri continues to question Abhira’s decisions, including her upcoming marriage to Armaan. She even restricts Charu from attending college. Abhira pleads with Kaveri not to punish Charu.

Sanjay blames Abhira for causing havoc in the lives of Charu and Krish. He inquires about the whereabouts of Abhira’s father. Sanjay takes charge of planning Charu’s wedding. Kajal expresses her anger towards Abhira for disrupting their joy. Kaveri falls sick. This leads to Kajal reprimanding Charu. Vidya intervenes and urges Kajal to refrain from accusing Charu. The Poddars also accuse Abhira of concealing the truth about Charu’s affair, while Armaan echoes similar sentiments towards Abhira. Ruhi requests that Armaan distance himself from Abhira, as she does not fit in well with the family. The Poddar family becomes aware of Armaan and Abhira’s agreement to marry.

YRKKH 24th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi's evil

YRKKH 24th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi’s evil:

Armaan rebukes Abhira. He says that Sanjay and Kaveri are strict, and they will never agree to accept Charu’s relationship. He tells her that she did stupidity to support Charu and hide her affair. She asks why he is scolding her when it’s just about love. He says that one has to think about family, instead of thinking of only love. He tells her that Charu can’t be selfish. She defends Charu. He tells her that the family is devastated because of this stupid love. He angrily asks her not to show her face to him. Abhira breaks into tears. She asks him where should she go. He asks her to go anywhere and just hide from his sight. He doesn’t want any more stress. Abhira weeps picking the jigsaw pieces.

Ruhi earns brownie points:

Ruhi pretends nice to win the family’s trust. She tells them that she will stay with Kaveri and take care of her, but Vidya stops her. Vidya doesn’t like what Ruhi has done. Ruhi promises to take good care of Kaveri. Madhav favors Ruhi. He asks Vidya to let Ruhi be there. Vidya knows Kaveri has other sources of stress. She wants to find out the matter. Armaan sees Ruhi looking after Kaveri. He is glad. Vidya asks Armaan not to worry about Kaveri. He doesn’t think he can sleep peacefully when his family is worried.

YRKKH 24th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi's evil

Abhira is heartbroken:

Abhira weeps and recalls the family’s bitter scolding. She avoids everyone. She doesn’t show her face to anyone. She finds Charu shattered but doesn’t go to her. She sees Kaveri unwell. Ruhi feels sorry seeing Abhira but sticks to her aim of ousting the latter. She looks after Kaveri. Abhira doesn’t show her face to Kaveri. Kaveri spots her, but Abhira hides in time. Ruhi says that there isn’t anyone outside the door. Abhira is hurt by Armaan’s words. She decides to hide inside a cupboard. She gets inside the cupboard and cries.

Manish senses Abhira is in pain:

Manish wakes up from sleep and panics. He feels Abhira is in trouble and needs to rush and save her. Swarna pacifies him. She says that Abhira is okay. Abhira speaks to Akshara’s photo. Manish wants to make a phone call to Abhira and find out if she is okay. Swarna asks him not to get rigid. She asks him to think of Ruhi and not call Abhira.

YRKKH 24th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi's evil

Ruhi brainwashes Armaan:

Armaan meets Ruhi. She tells him that she is preparing a meal for Kajal. He says that he is thankful to her that she takes good care of his entire family. She replies that it’s her family too. He seeks her advice about Abhira’s matter. She advises him to get separated from Abhira because she will never mix up with his family. She tells him that Abhira will only hurt his family and that he should end his marriage if he wants his family’s happiness. She says that Abhira is lovely, but she doesn’t fit in with his family. She adds that she got the divorce papers for this reason. She wishes Abhira would leave the house. He wonders where did Abhira go. He rushes to find her.

YRKKH 24th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi's evil

Abhira stays inside the cupboard until the morning. Armaan looks for her for two hours straight. He wonders if Abhira has run away. He spots her inside the cupboard. Abhira wakes up on his call. He asks her to open the door and come out. She refuses him. She says that she is hiding to obey his command. He finds the cupboard stuck. He scolds her. She asks him to leave. He looks for the cupboard keys and unlocks it. He brings her out of the cupboard. He recalls her blunders. He asks her to stop interfering in his family matters. He wants her to focus on her studies and career. He says that she just has three months to achieve her goals, their relationship will end in three months according to their marriage contract, and she doesn’t need to get involved. Abhira is hurt.

YRKKH 24th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi's evil

Sanjay learns a big truth:

Krish, Aryan, and Kiara are shocked to hear about their deal marriage. Sanjay overhears this too and is happy with the news. Krish worries that Sanjay will tell the truth to the family. He rushes to stop Sanjay. He intentionally starts an argument to hinder Sanjay. Sanjay says that he will decide about Charu’s life. Kiara and Aryan ask Ruhi to help them and stop Sanjay from meeting Kaveri. They tell that Kaveri will fall sick upon hearing the shocking news. Ruhi asks them about the matter. She tells Sanjay that Kaveri is sleeping. Sanjay thinks to come later. Ruhi enquires about the matter. Kiara hides the truth.

Abhira breaks down:

Abhira reaches the cliff and wipes off her name from the bench. She recollects her good memories with Armaan. She regrets that she is a burden on Armaan and he doesn’t have any feelings of love for her. Sanjay reveals about Armaan and Abhira’s contract marriage to the entire family. Armaan confesses the truth. He shocks his family by revealing the marriage deal.

YRKKH 24th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi's evil


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