GHKKPM 26th April 2024 Written Update Ishaan's surprise

GHKKPM 26th April 2024 Written Update Ishaan’s surprise

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GHKKPM 26th April 2024 Written Update Ishaan’s surprise. Savi reminds Ishaan of the song he played earlier and decides it’s the perfect time to express her love. She starts to tell him something, but Ishaan interrupts, commenting that she has been talking for a while now. He advises her to focus on her studies rather than other things. Savi understands from his reaction that he believes she is becoming distracted from her studies. Ishaan commences the Bhoomi pooja for Bhosale Institute’s new medical wing and requests Surekha to start the ceremony by breaking a coconut. However, she struggles to do so. Yashwant reminds her that they should celebrate instead of being disheartened when a problem is solved. He then takes matters into his own hands and successfully breaks the coconut, earning applause from everyone present.

Ishaan then reveals that Shikha will be dancing in the auditorium, catching Nishi by surprise. The music starts and Shikha performs gracefully with Chinmay joining in later on. As they dance together, Yashwant becomes enraged and remembers punishing Chinmay for dancing as a child. Meanwhile, the guests praise Yashwant’s son for his impressive dance skills. Amid all this excitement, Savi excitedly grabs Ishaan’s hand. Ishaan gets away and feels odd. Savi wants to speak to him, but he ignores her. However, after their performance ends, Chinmay feels disheartened when he receives no applause and attempts to leave. Surekha and the rest of the audience rise to their feet, applauding loudly. Ishaan takes the stage to congratulate Chinmay on his remarkable performance, acknowledging him as the incredibly talented dancer he is – Chinmay Yashwant Rao Bhosale.

GHKKPM 26th April 2024 Written Update Ishaan's surprise

Ishaan then makes an exciting announcement, revealing that instead of a medical college wing, a cultural wing will be opened with Chinmay as its director. He commends Chinmay for pursuing an unconventional career path and rising above societal norms. He then invites Chinmay to share his journey. With enthusiasm, Chinmay recounts how dance has been his passion since childhood, despite facing criticism from those around him for being a boy interested in classical dance. He thanks Savi for helping him realize his true calling and following his dreams. Surekha is surprised to know about Savi’s efforts. Keep reading for GHKKPM 26th April 2024 Written Update.

GHKKPM 26th April 2024 Written Update Ishaan's surprise

GHKKPM 26th April 2024 Written Update Ishaan’s surprise:

Chinmay tells everyone about his life’s bitter experiences. He adds that his dreams and talents were always neglected, and he never got the support from his family to pursue his passion. He is thankful to Savi who has understood his passion and supported him. He tells them that Savi has taught him the real definition of a man. He doesn’t want to think of society’s mindset of gender biasing and lose his identity. He thanks Savi for bringing him out of his confusion and making him meet his self. He gets Savi on the stage. He says that Savi has shown him a mirror and encouraged him.

GHKKPM 26th April 2024 Written Update Ishaan's surprise

He asks her to encourage others too. Savi tells them that she has questions for those parents, who just think of their children as an object to win pride for them. She says that parents should let the child pursue his passion and fulfill his dreams, rather than suppressing them. She says that dreams have no gender, and boys and girls can do the same thing if it pleases them and fulfills their dreams. She requests the parents to love their child’s dreams if they love their child. She urges them to have faith and their child will turn the dream into reality. Reeva questions Ishaan about Savi’s move. Ishaan apologizes to her. He says that everything happened in a rush, he didn’t know Chinmay was a Kathak dancer and Savi broke the truth to him some time back. He adds that Savi and he decided to make the medical wing a cultural wing to support Chinmay.

Surekha calls Chinmay a hero:

Reeva gets upset that he has taken her for granted, and didn’t inform her anything. He tells that he was going to tell her everything. Savi asks the parents to give wings to their child, without getting scared of society’s thinking. Everyone applauds for Savi. Yashwant keeps his calm. Ishaan reminds the final-year students about the exams. He wishes them all the best. The program comes to an end. Chinmay emotionally meets Surekha. She embraces him. Yashwant gets to hear the people’s taunts. He angrily leaves. Surekha asks Chinmay to focus on his happiness and not think of Yashwant. She likes his talent and praises him.

GHKKPM 26th April 2024 Written Update Ishaan's surprise

She tells him that he is her hero and she is very proud of him. Chinmay cries with joy. He asks her if she is telling the truth. She says yes. He says that he felt she would be ashamed to see him dancing. She says that he never embarrassed her, but she is ashamed to watch the injustice happening with him. She apologizes to him. She tells him that he has presented his talent so beautifully and bravely. She is proud to call Chinmay her son. She tells him that she will support him. He promises to never leave her and their family. He tells her that Savi has made him a director.

Chinmay thanks Savi:

Surekha says that Ishaan made him the new wing’s director. Chinmay says that Ishaan did that on Savi’s word. He gives Savi the credit. Surekha thanks Savi for bringing her lost son back. Chinmay also thanks Savi. Asmita praises Savi, who has the qualities of the real Bahu. Anvi asks Savi to confess her feelings to Ishaan. Ishaan rushes after Yashwant to explain his stand. Yashwant angrily rebukes him. He feels Ishaan has backstabbed him. Ishaan says that Chinmay isn’t doing anything wrong. Yashwant regrets that Ishaan has ruined his name and reputation. Ishaan asks him not to worry about the society.

GHKKPM 26th April 2024 Written Update Ishaan's surprise

Ishaan faces Yashwant’s wrath:

He says that nobody can scare them, they should give peace to Chinmay and support him. Yashwant opposes his decision. Ishaan says that he has done this for Surekha’s sake. He doesn’t want Chinmay to hate them. He says that Chinmay has agreed to stay with them, and Surekha is happy. Yashwant says that Ishaan is listening to Savi and it’s his big mistake. He warns Ishaan that Savi will hurt him a lot. Ishaan returns to the family. Chinmay realizes that Yashwant has hurt Ishaan with his anger. Ishaan says that he knew Yashwant would get angry. Chinmay asks him to drop the plans. Ishaan says that he did this for Surekha and Chinmay, and he won’t step back. Chinmay asks Ishaan to finish his work and come home soon.

Savi confesses love and gets slapped by Ishaan:

Surekha is happy to see her sons together. Savi thinks of confessing her love to Ishaan, when it’s a good opportunity to break the truth. She is glad that the entire family is happy. She gets a hint that she should tell Ishaan about her love. Ishaan doesn’t want to face Savi, after knowing her feelings. He goes to his cabin. Savi surprises him. Ishaan gets scared to hear her confession. She tells him that he has brought light to her dark life. She prepares to confess her feelings without any ado. He realizes what’s coming up. Savi confesses her love to Ishaan. He is shocked to hear that and angrily slaps Savi. Savi can’t believe his unpredictable reaction.

GHKKPM 26th April 2024 Written Update Ishaan's surprise


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