Kavya 26th April 2024 Written Update Kavya targets Badi Amma

Kavya 26th April 2024 Written Update Kavya targets Badi Amma

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Kavya 26th April 2024 Written Update Kavya targets Badi Amma. Kavya reflects on Naina’s earlier statement while attending a call from Sanjeev. He informs her about obtaining details of Kishor’s bank account. The lawyer advises Kavya not to let Naina’s statement affect her and reminds her that she was the first person to see Adi in the room after Naina left. The lawyer then questions Kavya if she believes Naina’s statement is true. She replies with a negative and states her belief in Adi’s innocence. Cautioning Kavya against speaking with Naina, the lawyer explains how it could be used against them in court. Undeterred, Kavya expresses her desire to speak with Kishor, as he claimed to be poor but showed up wearing expensive shoes and had substantial funds in his bank account.

Upon hearing this, Giriraj urges the lawyer to investigate further. Kavya clarifies that all of this information was provided by Sanjeev. Malini inquires Anurag and Adi regarding the toxic screen findings. Anurag assures her that Adi has not ingested anything and the results are negative. Malini then directs her question to Adi, wondering if he truly has not taken anything, why does he have no recollection of it? Adi maintains his stance and denies any involvement. Giriraj points out that with all the evidence against him, it would be difficult for anyone to believe his innocence. Adi mentions that Kavya trusts him. With that, he leaves the room. Badi Amma speculates that this whole scheme may have been orchestrated by Kavya.

But Giriraj disagrees and asserts that Kavya has found a lead that could potentially turn the case in their favor. Kavya tosses a paper note at Kishor, alerting him that someone is aware of the money and requesting a meeting. Mistaking the note to be from Badi Amma, Kishor heads off to meet her. Not wanting to miss anything, Kavya trails behind and is surprised when she sees Kishor with Badi Amma. It becomes clear to Kavya that Badi Amma has implicated Adi. Expressing her disappointment, Badi Amma scolds Kishor for showing up unannounced. She then hands him Anurag’s jacket to conceal his face and sends him away.

As Kishor hurries away, Santu immediately gives chase, believing him to be a thief. Despite catching up to him and reclaiming the jacket he was carrying, Kishor manages to escape. Meanwhile, Badi Amma rests on her bed and discovers needles left behind. Kavya arrives and playfully teases Badi Amma, who reacts by attempting to slap her. However, Kavya confidently defends herself and warns that she will not hesitate to retaliate if anyone tries to harm Adi. While looking at the jacket in Santu’s hand, Kavya asks where she got it from. Learning about Kishor’s involvement, Kavya recollects that this is the same jacket worn by the person who stole the hard drive.

Adi overhears their conversation and Kavya expresses her disappointment at his lack of trust in her. As Kavya approaches her parents, Rajeev expresses his belief that Adi is responsible for something. Anjali suggests that they consider giving Adi the benefit of the doubt. As Adi’s family watches a report about a love message sent from Adi’s phone to Naina, he insists that the message is genuine and shares the full story with them. Giriraj raises his hand in frustration towards Adi for his foolishness, but Kavya stands up to defend him.


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