Kumkum Bhagya 26th April 2024 Written Update Dragging track

Kumkum Bhagya 26th April 2024 Written Update Dragging track

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Kumkum Bhagya 26th April 2024 Written Update Dragging track. Prachi, Monisha, and Deepika depart in one car while RV takes off in Yug’s. Meanwhile, Vishaka, Manpreet, and Divya wonder why they haven’t returned home yet. As Prachi approaches them, she recounts the events that took place. Curiously, Manpreet asks Prachi what their next move will be. In response, Prachi assures them that they will carry out their task with extreme caution. Agreeing with her plan of action, Manpreet nods in agreement. Suddenly, the reporters are taken aback as Krishna arrives at the wedding venue with Trishna.

Remarking to Krishna that they thought he had fled, the reporters are surprised by his presence. Revealing to Trishna his true intentions, Krishna declares that he is marrying her because he loves her – and that is the only reason for this wedding to take place. Gajendra and his wife are concerned about Trishna and Krishna. Prachi reassures them that the two are on their way and they need not worry. Hearing this, Gajendra’s wife feels relieved. He then shares his suspicion that Amar Dayal may be responsible for the kidnapping. Prachi assures them that if it is true, he will face consequences. Monisha checks in with RV to see if he is okay and he brushes her off. Purvi gives RV an envelope before leaving, causing him to follow her.

Monisha also trails behind RV. Amar Dayal is furious in his room while his wife tries to calm him down and makes him swear to stop his actions. However, Amar Dayal admits to kidnapping Krishna but acknowledges that he failed as she was rescued. He tells himself that he will not give up easily. Trishna’s parents let out a sigh of relief as they saw her return unharmed. Krishna joins them and commends Trishna for her bravery in saving him. Trishna then reminds Krishna to thank Piyu, as she was the one who truly saved him. Acknowledging the happy ending, Krishna remarks that all’s well that ends.

Other side, Prachi overhears Kartik on the phone with his wife and mistakenly believes that he is having an affair. She decides to inform Trishna about it. Purvi comes across RV and explains that she cannot sincerely thank him, so he should not expect it from her either. As RV hands her a note and walks away, Trishna’s mother asks Purvi to take him along and deliver the message to Krishna personally. Agreeing to do so, Purvi brings RV along with her. Monisha expresses her frustration to Deepika about RV’s disregard for her. Deepika suggests that it may be Monisha’s responsibility, and wonders why she didn’t assist RV when he needed the gun.

Monisha explains that she could have been hurt. Deepika remarks on this, causing Monisha to become upset and leave the conversation. Prachi realizes that she needs to inform Trishna about Krishna’s feelings for someone else. As she tries to untangle her saree cloth, Krishna walks by.


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