Kundali Bhagya 26th April 2024 Written Update Karan's pride

Kundali Bhagya 26th April 2024 Written Update Karan’s pride

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Kundali Bhagya 26th April 2024 Written Update Karan’s pride. Shaurya instructs Anshuman to contact the authorities for assistance. Upon arriving, the police inspector is informed by Anshuman that Shaurya attempted to harm him. The inspector clarifies that they were called by Shaurya himself. Taking charge, the inspector orders the constable to detain Anshuman. In a threatening manner, Anshuman confronts the inspector. Shaurya then reveals that Anshuman orchestrated an attack on Karan using hired goons. Anshuman retaliates by claiming he will sue both Shaurya and the police inspector for defamation. He also accuses Karan of being a goon and asserts that Karan sent Shaurya to attack him.

The police inspector questions Anshuman about any evidence to support his allegations. Mahesh inquires Karan about his worried expression, while Rakhi checks in on Rajveer’s well-being. Karan reassures them that Rajveer is doing well and explains that he assisted Nidhi when she felt weak. He then goes on to mention how Preeta believes Nidhi to be his wife but clarifies that he has never given her the position of being Preeta’s replacement. However, he confesses to keeping this truth hidden from Preeta for her good and expresses his confusion about what to do next. In response, Rakhi advises him that life is full of tests and challenges, but encourages him to face them head-on.

Exhausted by the situation, Karan shares his ultimate wish of wanting Preeta to regain her memory and live with their family at the Luthra house. Mahesh assures him that it will happen and reminds him to trust in God. Finally, Mahesh asks about Rajveer’s condition and Karan confirms that they can return home since Rajveer is doing well. Shaurya informs the Police inspector that the goon admitted that Anshuman had hired him to attack Karan. Therefore, he urges the inspector to arrest Anshuman. Anshuman argues with the Police inspector and claims that Shaurya has feelings for Karan, who, in turn, is interested in Rajveer.

Anshuman insists on Shaurya’s arrest for attempted murder and expresses relief that the inspector arrived in time before Shaurya could harm him. He then presents CCTV footage as evidence and gives a different version of events to the Police inspector. Shaurya defends himself by saying he only went there to talk to Anshuman and accuses him of lying. As a result, the Police inspector orders his Constable to take Shaurya into custody. Despite Shaurya’s pleas of innocence, the Police still arrest him and escort him away from the scene.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Karan immediately spots Anshuman and is met with a taunting remark about his lack of knowledge regarding Shaurya’s arrest. Anshuman goes on to mention how Shaurya visited him the previous night and is now being held at the police station. Unamused by Anshuman’s words, Karan issues a warning before making his exit. Later on, at the police station, Karan inquires about Shaurya’s situation and learns that Anshuman had sent hired goons to attack him.

Shaurya explains everything to Karan, who then proceeds to inform the police inspector that Shaurya is innocent despite the evidence against him. Karan expresses his pride in Shaurya, who then reprimands the Police inspector. Concerned for Shaurya’s temper, Karan urges him to relax. Shaurya insists that he cannot change who he is. Karan silences him, determined to secure Shaurya’s release. Meanwhile, in the hospital, Preeta checks on Rajveer’s well-being and receives reassurance from him.


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