Pandya Store 26th April 2024 Written Update Tensed Amrish

Pandya Store 26th April 2024 Written Update Tensed Amrish

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Pandya Store 26th April 2024 Written Update Tensed Amrish. An argument between Amrish and Natasha arises over Shalini staying at Makwana house. Natasha questions if they, as women, have any say in the matter since the house is solely owned by the men – Amrish, Bhavin, Chirag, and Dhawal. In response to her inquiry, Amrish angrily breaks things and asserts his authority as the sole owner of the house. Shalini fears that Amrish will make her leave, but Natasha offers to keep her in her room while she recuperates from saving Dolly and her unborn child. Amrish refuses to talk to Natasha and decides to speak directly with Dhawal about making Shalini leave.

Amba confronts Shalini about her presence and intentions. Shalini confidently offers her assistance in separating Dhawal and Natasha, claiming she has already initiated the process. She informs Amba of her progress, stating that she has kept Dhawal busy with work to isolate Natasha. Amba agrees with Shalini’s approach. Just then, Natasha enters and Amba puts on an act. Shalini expresses gratitude to Natasha for standing up for her. In return, Natasha kindly invites Shalini to stay at their house until she feels better. Shalini advises Natasha not to defy her family, but Natasha stands firm in her beliefs, having been taught by Suman to always stand up for what is right, even if it means going against her own family.

Amrish remembers Shalini confessing her love for him and feels uneasy knowing she is staying at Makwana house. Hetal assures Amrish that Shalini will leave once she is well again, but Amrish insists he will not allow her to spend even a day under the same roof and leaves the room. Exhausted from waiting, Natasha dozes off on a chair while awaiting Dhawal’s return. Shalini prepares her room by spreading oil on the floor, anticipating an argument with Amrish and hoping he’ll slip and fall into her arms. Natasha finally calls Dhawal and tells him she is hungry from waiting so long.

In response, Dhawal explains that he is stuck with work and won’t be able to make it home anytime soon. Natasha feels unwell. She goes to Pranali to get some medicine. Just then, she sees Amrish. Thankfully, he’s glad that she didn’t catch him going into Shalini’s room. However, his mood changes when he realizes that Dhawal has been busy working for Shalini. Meanwhile, Dhawal surprises Natasha by decorating their room with photos of them together. The couple ends up spending a romantic evening together.

Pandya Store 26th April 2024 Written Update Tensed Amrish

Suddenly, there’s a knock on Shalini’s door and she invites Amrish inside. She playfully asks if he still loves her, as part of her plan to manipulate him. In a moment of misfortune, Amrish slips on some oil and falls directly onto Shalini. He scolds her for stooping so low but finds himself unable to get up due to his chain getting stuck in her shirt. Natasha remembers Amrish’s previous comment about Dhawal changing because of her and confronts Dhawal about it.


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