GHKKPM 28th April 2024 Written Update Savi vows

GHKKPM 28th April 2024 Written Update Savi vows

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GHKKPM 28th April 2024 Written Update Savi vows. Savi meets Harini to share her sorrow. Harini is unaware that Ishaan believes her love for him is merely a passing infatuation; he thinks she has deviated from her goals. Savi had confessed her true feelings for Ishaan, but he coldly rejected and even struck her. Confused and anguished, Ishaan picks up shards of shattered glass and hurts his fingers. He regrets his actions and starts punching the wall in self-punishment. In a moment of clarity, his conscience speaks up and questions his behavior.

Ishaan admits that he is punishing himself for hitting a woman, but when asked why he did it in the first place, he struggles to find an answer. Eventually, he confesses that he felt it was necessary to stop Savi from straying from her ambitions and breaking out of her comfortable world. He knows an apology would only give Savi false hope, but he is prepared to endure her resentment for the rest of his life. Savi embraces Ashwini after hearing her thoughts on Ishaan’s actions towards her, emphasizing that a man should never physically harm a woman. Inquisitive, Ashwini asks if Savi knows the reason behind Ishaan’s behavior.

Savi responds that she was initially unsure of her feelings but has now realized the importance of pursuing her dream. Ashwini shares that Ishaan truly cares for Savi and wants her to stay focused on achieving her goal. Remembering Ishaan’s words, Savi is reminded of the challenges she must face and achieves her goal with determination. When she sees Ishaan sleeping in his office with an injured hand, she realizes that he may have been hurt from slapping her and feels reassured that he is not capable of mistreating women. She tends to his wound and reaffirms her commitment to studying for the UPSC exam to become an IAS officer, as it is now both hers and Ishaan’s dream. Keep reading for GHKKPM 28th April 2024 Written Update.

GHKKPM 28th April 2024 Written Update Savi vows:

Savi decides to pursue her dream of becoming an IAS officer. She believes that Ishaan is not realizing how her love for him motivates her to chase her dreams instead of being a hindrance. When she notices Yashwant, Surekha, and Asmita’s messages on Ishaan’s phone asking about his whereabouts and meals, she realizes that he hasn’t eaten anything. Wanting to take care of him, Savi leaves to get him some food. After some time, Ishaan awakens and notices Savi’s ID card, realizing she had entered the room.

Soon after, he receives a call from Reeva who inquires about his whereabouts. Ishaan replies that he is in his cabin and Reeva decides to meet him due to the concern in his voice. Ishaan confides in Reeva about Savi’s proposal and his physical reaction to it. Reeva points out that hitting a girl is never acceptable, regardless of the circumstances. Ishaan explains that he sees Savi as a burden and wants to alleviate his guilt by helping her become an IAS officer. Confused, Reeva asks for clarification. Ishaan reveals that he feels responsible for the death of Savi’s family. As Savi overhears their conversation from outside Ishaan’s office, she drops the plate she was carrying and quickly leaves.

Realizing that Savi has heard everything, Reeva informs Ishaan of this development. Meanwhile, Savi takes an auto to leave for Bhosle mansion. Ishaan and Reeva also depart for the Bhosle mansion, as Savi prepares to leave. Ishaan attempts to halt her, but she pushes him away. Curious, Reeva inquires about Savi’s actions. Savi then turns to Ishaan and demands that he explain his actions. She blames him for the loss of her family and criticizes him in front of the Bhosle family. She questions why he didn’t reveal the truth to her sooner, to which he responds that he was waiting for the right moment.

However, Savi dismisses this and accuses him of lying. She expresses her disappointment in living under the same roof as her family’s killer and refers to Ishaan as a murderer who destroyed her entire family. In response, Ishaan pleads with Savi to stop calling him a murderer and admits his deep remorse for what happened, wishing that he could have taken their place instead.


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