Kumkum Bhagya 28th April 2024 Written Update Ranbir's wedding

Kumkum Bhagya 28th April 2024 Written Update Ranbir’s wedding

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Kumkum Bhagya 28th April 2024 Written Update Ranbir’s wedding. Pandit announces that Krishna and Trishna have officially tied the knot. He then requests that they seek blessings from their elders. While this is happening, Prachi approaches the mandap, searching for Ranbir. As Trishna and Ranbir receive blessings from their parents, Trishna’s mother sends Prachi to assist with the arrangements. Without delay, Prachi follows her instructions and leaves. Once the wedding rituals are complete, Krishna removes his sehra and is greeted with congratulations from all those present. Ranbir hands his sehra to Kartik before heading off to fetch the car. During this time, Prachi has a chance to congratulate Trishna on her marriage.

Kumkum Bhagya 28th April 2024 Written Update Ranbir's wedding

In turn, Trishna gives credit to Prachi for helping make it happen. Not realizing that Kartik is not the groom, Prachi extends her well wishes to him as well. She also expresses gratitude towards RV for proving their innocence before urging him to take Purvi with him when he leaves. Purvi is taken aback to learn that Monisha will be staying at RV’s house for a few days. Nisha and her sister demand an entry tax from Krishna before they can enter his room. After asking Kartik to pay them 50000 rupees, Krishna finally enters his room and assists Trishna by removing her ring. He then informs her that he will be sleeping on the sofa, to which she agrees. On the other hand, Prachi becomes emotional thinking about Ranbir and starts crying.

Manpreet notices and approaches her, questioning what happened. Prachi reveals that she saw Ranbir at KK’s marriage and noticed him wearing clothes similar to KK’s. However, Manpreet assures her that it is just her imagination and tries to console her. Just then, RV arrives home and his mother asks if the marriage took place. Purvi confirms that it did indeed happen and explains that they left without informing anyone because Dada Ji wasn’t feeling well. RV nonchalantly replies that it’s a common occurrence for him while Purvi goes to check on Dada Ji in his room.

After sparking joy in Dada and Dadi, Purvi departs, leaving them to praise her as an exceptional wife to RV. However, Deepika confides in Monisha that RV is upset with her. Urged by her sister’s advice, Monisha makes her way to speak to RV and confront him about his behavior. As she enters his room, RV immediately questions her presence. Trying to understand his attitude, Monisha urges him to open up before Purvi’s arrival. She stands by her actions in the godown, but RV suggests they discuss it another time and requests for her to leave. Purvi delivers milk to Harleen and Harman, informing them that she has already given some to Dada Ji. She encourages them to rest after drinking it.

Harman thanks Purvi before she leaves. Moved by her actions, he praises her. However, Harleen reminds him not to forget about Khushi’s betrayal. Meanwhile, Monisha questions RV about his changed behavior. In a fit of anger, RV snaps at her and asks for her expectations. Trying to bring back their old dynamic, Monisha opens up about her insecurities. In a heartwarming gesture, RV sits beside her and holds her hand for comfort. Unexpectedly witnessing this scene, Purvi is taken aback in shock.


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