Kundali Bhagya 28th April 2024 Written Update Nidhi hinders Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 28th April 2024 Written Update Nidhi hinders Preeta

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Kundali Bhagya 28th April 2024 Written Update Nidhi hinders Preeta. Shaurya remembers how Anshuman claimed that Karan did not love him, and how Nidhi mentioned that Karan had gone to donate blood to Rajveer once again. Frustrated, he hits the wall and questions why these events keep happening to him. Shaurya is interrupted by a police inspector who inquires about the situation. Explaining his frustration, Shaurya mentions that he is in jail while his father is not there with him. He then asks for permission to speak with Nidhi. After getting approval, Shaurya calls Nidhi and informs her of his arrest, leaving her shocked. Nidhi asks for details and Shaurya fills her in.

She assures him that she will inform Karan, but Shaurya reveals that Karan is already aware of the situation. As he ends the call, he thanks the police inspector before continuing with his thoughts. Nidhi confides in Aarohi, mentioning that Karan is only concerned about Preeta and Rajveer. Heading to the hall, she is questioned by Rakhi about the situation. Nidhi refuses to share any details with the Luthra family, as they have shown their loyalty lies with Rajveer. Kareena inquires about Shaurya’s welfare, to which Nidhi reveals his arrest. Rakhi points out Nidhi’s previous claims of the Luthras’ lack of care for Shaurya.

Nidhi emphasizes that despite Shaurya being imprisoned, Karan chose to meet Rajveer instead of arranging bail for his brother. She reassures that she will find a way to save Shaurya. Meanwhile, Bani unfortunately slips and twists her leg. Kavya takes it upon herself to inform Preeta of the situation via phone call. The police inspector sympathizes with Shaurya, noting that he had been so talkative at Anshuman’s house but now appears to be at a loss for words. Shaurya quickly rebukes him, accusing him of neglecting his duties and allowing Anshuman to escape punishment. The inspector then scolds Shaurya, revealing that he now understands why Karan harbors resentment towards him.

Palki notices Rajveer deep in thought and decides not to disturb him. But Rajveer asks her to stay by his side because she brings peace to his life. She acknowledges that Rajveer has issues with the Luthras, particularly Karan, but promises to support him no matter what. As Mahesh expresses concern about the unavailability of the doctor, Rakhi suggests calling Preeta for help. This prompts Nidhi to question the need to involve Preeta. Aarohi chimes in, revealing that Nidhi attempted suicide due to Karan’s love for Preeta. Kareena expresses that despite Nidhi’s immense contributions to the family, she has received nothing in return. She mentions that Preeta is not allowed to enter the house.

Interrupting their conversation, Kavya announces that she has invited Preeta over. Soon after, Karan and Preeta arrive at the scene. Nidhi informs Preeta that she is not permitted to enter the house. Curious, Preeta asks for a reason, to which Nidhi explains that another doctor will be treating Bani instead. However, Preeta insists on treating Bani as she is in pain. Despite Nidhi’s objections, Karan urges Preeta to treat Bani. In response to Nidhi’s interference, Mahesh sternly warns her not to interfere in this matter. Despite Nidhi’s demands for Preeta to leave, she stands her ground and refuses to go.


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