Anupama 29th April 2024 Written Update Confused Aadhya

Anupama 29th April 2024 Written Update Confused Aadhya

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Anupama 29th April 2024 Written Update Confused Aadhya. Anupama meets Shruti and thanks her for letting her come. She says that she has just come for Aadhya’s sake. She assures that she will not come between Anuj and Shruti. Shruti knows they are helpless because they love Aadhya. She wants Aadhya’s safety and well-being. Anupama says that they will not let anything happen to Aadhya. She adds that she will make herbal kada for Shruti and help her become strong. Anuj smiles happily to see his Anu back. Anupama promises that everything will be fine. Anuj is sure. Paritosh gets the news that Anupama has moved to Anuj’s house. He calls her mad that she has gone to Anuj when his marriage just got postponed. He says that Anupama is trying to win Anuj.

Kinjal says that Aadhya isn’t well, and she needs Anupama. He says that Anupama likes to act cheaply. He is sure that Anuj and Anupama are together and they are fooling Shruti. Kinjal taunts Paritosh for having a sick mind. Paritosh says that Anupama is disgusting. He guarantees that Anupama will break Anuj and Shruti’s marriage. He calls her a clever woman. He adds that he is ashamed to call Anupama his mother. Kinjal replies that she is ashamed of Paritosh.

Anupama 29th April 2024 Written Update Confused Aadhya

Anupama 29th April 2024 Anuj assures Anupama:

Anuj takes Anupama’s bags and asks her to come along, while he shows her room. He assures that he will never cross his line. Anupama knows him well. They ponder over their strange life, that’s too unexpected. Aadhya sees Anupama in the house and questions her arrival. Anuj tells her that he has called Anupama home. Aadhya asks Anupama to get out. Anupama lies to her that she has come to take care of Shruti. She says that Shruti got shot because of her. She feels guilty and wants to help Shruti. She asks Aadhya to let her help Shruti recover soon. Aadhya says that she doesn’t need her help. Anupama asks her to give her a chance for Shruti’s sake. She promises to leave the house when Shruti recovers. Aadhya agrees to let her stay.

Anupama thanks Aadhya. Aadhya says that she is agreeing only for Shruti’s sake. She asks her to remember her promise. She goes away. Anuj asks Anupama why she lie. She says that she has made a story to pacify Aadhya, it is not bad to lie to Aadhya, because it’s not a lie totally, she is guilty and wants to take care of Shruti. Anuj asks her not to take the load. He wants her to help him handle Aadhya. She says that she can’t leave Shruti alone in this condition. He knows Anupama’s helpful side. He goes to meet Aadhya. Anupama feels strange that she has come to stay in Anuj’s house. She cries seeing Anuj and Shruti’s picture. She doesn’t want to remember the past. She feels hurt.

Anupama 29th April 2024 Written Update Confused Aadhya

Hasmukh and Leela are happy that Titu has agreed to become Ghar Jamai and convinced Vanraj. He says that they will respect Titu who is dedicated to the family. He wishes Titu and Dimpy always stay together. Anupama sees the decorated room and tells Anuj that he has decorated the guest room well. He asks her to not mention it again that she is a guest. He feels selfish that he got her home to handle Aadhya. She says that she will take care of Aadhya and Shruti. He states that he has to rush for some important work. He asks her to take care of herself. Their old memories get stirred and they slip into a moment where they get hope of reconciliation. Anuj wishes everything gets fine. Anupama wants Kanha to show her the right path.

Anupama 29th April 2024 Written Update Confused Aadhya

Yashdeep stays worried about Anupama:

Yashdeep completes the restaurant’s work. He asks Biji about Anupama. Biji says that Anupama might be settling in Anuj’s house. He worries for Anupama. He tells her that he will give extra salary to the staff to help them until they find a new job. She likes his generous side. He says that he is like his mother. He knows relationships are more important than money. She tells him that they shall go back to Punjab. She asks him to make a decision. She urges him to tell his feelings to Anupama. He refuses. She says that Anupama is his forever friend and he must try to confess love without any fear. She suggests that it will be too late if he misses out on sharing his feelings. Anupama thinks of Aadhya.

Kavya is happy for Dimpy:

Kavya congratulates Dimpy. Dimpy is happy but feels bad that Vanraj has bound Titu. She doesn’t want him to compromise. Kavya says that Dimpy is Titu’s dream and his dream is going to be fulfilled. She asks Dimpy to stay happy and smiling. Dimpy thanks her. Kavya says that she also doubts Vanraj’s intentions. She doesn’t think Vanraj is up to something this time. Dimpy wants Anupama and Anuj to come to her wedding. Kavya asks her to forget everything and just enjoy the day. Vanraj watches them.

Anupama 29th April 2024 Written Update Confused Aadhya

Aadhya doesn’t know if Anupama will sort out the problems. Anupama takes food for Aadhya. Aadhya asks her to stay away. Anupama asks her to have food before taking medicines. Aadhya refuses. Anupama spills the colors by mistake. Aadhya asks her to leave. Anupama rushes to help Shruti. Aadhya sees Shruti’s condition and gets a panic attack. She blames Anupama for ruining her life. Anupama pacifies Aadhya.


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