YRKKH 29th April 2024 Written Update Abhira's denial

YRKKH 29th April 2024 Written Update Abhira’s denial

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YRKKH 29th April 2024 Written Update Abhira’s denial. Armaan can’t stop thinking of Abhira. He says that he can’t forgive her for putting Charu’s life in danger. He feels hurt by her actions. Kaveri burns Abhira’s belongings and asks Armaan to remove her memories. She tells Vidya that they have to turn those memories into ashes. The entire family trashes the gifts given by Abhira. Armaan acts heartless and burns Abhira’s belongings. Ruhi feels sorry but stands by Armaan. Armaan sees the tortoise stone. Abhira is also reminded of Armaan while searching for a room. Armaan recalls Akshara’s words and stops. He thinks of finding Abhira. Abhira doesn’t want to think of Armaan when their relationship is over. He is frustrated that Abhira has left the house when the family has supported her.

He wants to find out about her. He calls up Abhira. She doesn’t take the call. She meets a broker and asks him to show her the room. He says that she is married, and can get a room easily. He asks her about her husband. Abhira doesn’t want to reveal any details. The man acts cheaply. Abhira meets her friend and goes away with her. She is grateful to her. She recalls Akshara’s words. She cries that she has lost her family again. She misses the Poddar family. She says that Armaan doesn’t trust her.

YRKKH 29th April 2024 Written Update Abhira's denial

She regrets it and says that Armaan can never love her. She panics when the power cut spreads darkness in the room. Riya gets a candle and tells her that they have to manage in darkness. Abhira is ready to adjust. Riya asks her the reason for leaving the house. Abhira denies having a husband and in-laws. She doesn’t want to share about her personal life. Riya apologizes to her.

Manish cries for Abhira:

Manish is upset knowing Ruhi’s plan of snatching Armaan from Abhira. He cries thinking of Abhira’s poor fate. He wants someone to consider Abhira’s happiness. Abhira completes her assignment with much difficulty. Armaan calls the hostel staff and asks about Abhira’s presence. He lectures the man in anger. Ruhi gets tea for him to reduce his stress. He tells her that he isn’t able to find Abhira. She worries for Abhira who doesn’t have any money. He tells her that he has her bank details and he can check the transaction details. He tells Ruhi about Abhira. He gets to know Abhira’s location.

Armaan tracks Abhira:

He calls Abhira. Abhira gets emotional seeing the noodles bowl. She misses Armaan. Armaan calls on the hostel’s number. Abhira is amazed to know that he has found her. Armaan asks her to answer him. Abhira denies to talk to him. She disconnects. He calls her back. He angrily rebukes her. He says that she had put Charu’s life in danger and troubled his entire family. Ruhi asks him not to scold Abhira. Abhira doesn’t want to talk to him. She asks him to not call her again. Armaan rushes to find Abhira on Madhav’s word. He finds Abhira drunk and gets angered.

YRKKH 29th April 2024 Written Update Abhira's denial


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