GHKKPM 30th April 2024 Written Update Ishaan's help

GHKKPM 30th April 2024 Written Update Ishaan’s help

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GHKKPM 30th April 2024 Written Update Ishaan’s help. As Savi looks at the bus headed to Ramtek, Sai’s words echo in her mind. Suddenly, a thief appears and tries to steal her suitcase. Without hesitation, Savi fights back and sends him running. When Shikha asks Chinmay about Savi’s whereabouts, he confirms that she is not at the hostel or in the hospital. Witnessing everything, Ishaan receives a call from the hospital. Savi rushes there and inquires about Harini’s condition. The doctor explains that Harini had a seizure and required medical attention.

However, the doctor also delivers some encouraging news – Harini will most likely regain consciousness soon. Feeling remorseful for asking Harini to leave earlier, Savi apologizes to her upon seeing her unconscious state. After discussing Harini’s treatment with Savi, the doctor then speaks to Ishaan about it. Upon seeing the amount over four lakhs, Savi is concerned about how she will be able to repay it. However, her worry is calmed when Ishaan arrives at the hospital and offers to cover the total cost.

GHKKPM 30th April 2024 Written Update Ishaan's help

Still feeling responsible for Harini’s well-being as her legal guardian, Savi assures both the doctor and Ishaan that she will take care of the expenses and asks Ishaan not to worry. Reeva approaches Surekha to inquire about Ishaan’s whereabouts. Surekha suggests he may be in his room. Reeva reveals that she had been monitoring Ishaan’s movements all night, but after briefly falling asleep, she woke up to find him missing from his room. Concerned for Ishaan’s well-being, Surekha expresses her disapproval of Savi and her actions. Anvi overhears this conversation and questions Surekha’s negative remarks toward Savi, reminding her of all that Savi has done for their family. Surekha defends her words by mentioning Ishaan’s past sacrifices for Savi and insists that it is Savi who should be thankful to him, not the other way around.

Ishaan attempts to persuade Savi to let him cover the cost of Harini’s treatment, but she continues to argue and refuse his help. In response, Surekha orders the servant to dispose of Savi’s belongings and set them on fire. Reeva questions Surekha’s actions, leading Surekha to explain her plan to win back Ishaan by becoming stronger. Savi encourages Harini to recover and asserts that she can achieve her dreams without anyone’s assistance. Suddenly, Ishaan arrives home, prompting questions from Surekha and Reeva about his whereabouts.

Ishaan reveals he went to the hospital after receiving a call and suspects Savi may have asked them to contact him for financial assistance. Surekha makes a negative remark about Savi in response. Savi doesn’t want to get the tag of a gold digger. She is against taking Ishaan’s help.


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