Kundali Bhagya 30th April 2024 Written Update Shaurya provoked

Kundali Bhagya 30th April 2024 Written Update Shaurya provoked

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Kundali Bhagya 30th April 2024 Written Update Shaurya provoked. Dadi is in pain and Rakhi checks on her. Dadi admits that she is still in discomfort. Concerned, Rakhi offers Dadi a painkiller. Kritika mentions being unable to contact Preeta due to Nidhi’s interference but explains that Preeta still cares for them despite not remembering them. Dadi shares that Nidhi took care of Preeta’s children while Shaurya was imprisoned, so it’s understandable why Nidhi may have acted out. However, Kritika disagrees and believes Nidhi is wrong. Rakhi reminds Dadi that it should be Preeta who determines her treatment plan, as she knows her medical condition best. Palki informs Rajveer that he can finally go home today.

Hearing this, Rajveer shares with her how his peaceful life turned upside down when he suddenly found himself in a mess. Palki is left confused by his words. Just then, Varsha enquires about Preeta and sees her nearby. She explains to Preeta that Dadi is in pain and asks for her medical assistance as Dadi’s condition is not good. Without wasting any time, Preeta decides to head over to the Luthra house. Meanwhile, Rajveer notices their conversation and tells Palki about Preeta’s destination. At the police station, Nidhi discovers that Preeta has met Shaurya and warns him to be careful of people like Preeta.

On the other hand, Aarohi narrates to Shaurya the events that took place at the Luthra house, why Karan intentionally hid Shaurya’s arrest from his own family, and how Nidhi’s attempts to prevent Preeta from entering their house went futile as nobody supported her. This leads Shaurya to ask what exactly did Preeta wrong. Nidhi informs him that everything is Preeta’s fault and expresses relief that Shaurya contacted her, otherwise, she would have been unaware of his arrest. She mentions that Karan’s concern lies with Rajveer, not Shaurya, and empathizes with how Shaurya must have felt when his authority was handed over to Rajveer.

Aarohi reveals that Nidhi stood up for Shaurya in front of the Luthras. Nidhi assures Shaurya not to worry as she will arrange for his release. Shaurya remarks that Karan will regret giving his affection to Rajveer instead of him. Nidhi advises Shaurya to take care of himself before leaving. Karan and Mahesh bump into Anshuman, and Mahesh pleads with him to forgive Shaurya. Karan interjects, defending Shaurya and stating that it was a misunderstanding on Anshuman’s part. In an attempt to make amends, Mahesh apologizes on behalf of Shaurya and asks Anshuman to drop the case.

However, Anshuman responds that he trusts the law to handle the situation. He then mentions that he has to leave for work to deal with a project in Sembur. This angers Karan, who scolds Anshuman for being insensitive. Meanwhile, Kareena informs Rakhi that Dadi is still in pain. Rakhi suggests calling Preeta over, but Kareena disagrees, as she believes Dadi is overreacting. Despite this, Preeta arrives at the Luthra house and Rakhi immediately recognizes her intention of helping Dadi. In Dadi’s room, Preeta enters and kindly asks her not to reveal her presence to anyone else. She attends to Dadi’s pain and receives words of praise from her grateful grandmother.


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