YRKKH 30th April 2024 Written Update Abhira's return

YRKKH 30th April 2024 Written Update Abhira’s return

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YRKKH 30th April 2024 Written Update Abhira’s return. Ruhi realizes that Armaan left the house, but not Armaan’s mind. She hopes Abhira isn’t in Armaan’s heart. Abhira restrains herself from thinking of Armaan. She wants to complete the assignment and fulfill Akshara’s dream. She receives a call from Madhav. She speaks to him respectfully. Madhav asks her why didn’t she meet him before leaving the house. He wants her to come back home. She says that she can’t come when the marriage isn’t real. He says that her marriage is real and it’s valid legally. He wants her to return home.

She apologizes that she can’t come back when everyone hates her there. Vidya knew that Madhav would support Abhira, and Abhira would never agree to come back. He defends Abhira, who just brought good changes in the family. Vidya doesn’t think Abhira could mend Madhav and her relationship. Armaan gets frustrated when Abhira’s thoughts occupy his mind. Abhira thinks of Armaan and weeps. They miss each other.

YRKKH 30th April 2024 Written Update Abhira's return

Armaan and Abhira miss each other:

She finds Armaan’s shirt in her bag. She hugs the shirt and sheds tears. She angrily tears the shirt. Armaan feels Abhira’s presence in the room and gets irritated. He angrily ruins the entire room and blames her for ruining everything. Armaan and Abhira wake up in the morning and miss each other. Armaan finds everyone trying to cheer up Charu. Charu weeps over the loss of her love. Armaan lectures Charu on family. She isn’t interested to hear anything. She goes away. Riya meets her friends. She introduces Abhira to them. The girls talk about Shrishti’s birthday party. They ask Abhira to contribute, but the latter refuses. Abhira says that she doesn’t know Shrishti. Riya says that she will give the money on Abhira’s behalf. Abhira unwillingly gives the money. She worries that she doesn’t have much money left.

YRKKH 30th April 2024 Written Update Abhira's return

Armaan receives a shock:

Ruhi performs the aarti. Armaan is still lost. Ruhi gives him a gift and asks him to smile. She tells him that she got a new phone for him. He thanks Ruhi. Madhav reaches there and threatens of leaving the family, if Abhira doesn’t return home.

He asks Kaveri to perform the aarti without him from now on. He says that Abhira is responsible for his decision. He regards Abhira as his Bahu. He says that Abhira and Armaan’s marriage happened and it can’t be denied. Kaveri calls it a pretense. Madhav asks her not to make their relationship a joke. He blames her for ruining lives. She rebukes his misbehavior. He angers her. She raises her hand, but Armaan stops her in time. Armaan asks them not to fight. He suggests that they sort out the problems. Madhav says that there is nothing left to talk about. Vidya says that Abhira is wrong.

YRKKH 30th April 2024 Written Update Abhira's return

Madhav angrily breaks his marriage with Vidya. He says that he can’t keep his relationship, which is blessed by Kaveri. He doesn’t want to keep the marriage when Vidya isn’t able to lay trust in him. Vidya says that their relationship never existed. Madhav and Vidya have a bitter argument. He tells her that she has an ego and that’s the reason for their separation. Kaveri asks them to stop arguing.

Madhav’s ultimatum:

Kaveri asks Madhav not to make a mistake. Madhav says that Abhira isn’t wrong. Armaan stops him from leaving the house. Madhav blames Kaveri for writing tears and pain in Armaan’s fate. He feels Armaan trusts Kaveri and Vidya, and they are ruining his life. He can’t see it happening. Manoj asks him to stay back with the family. He tells Madhav that he has always been a dutiful brother. He requests Madhav to stay back for his sake. Madhav agrees and gives two days to Kaveri to bring Abhira back. He tells that he will leave the house if Abhira doesn’t return. Armaan falls into a big dilemma. Armaan and Ruhi cry in sorrow. Later, Abhira reaches a party. The news of Abhira’s arrest reaches the Poddar family. Armaan defends Abhira and rushes to help her.


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  1. Yesh Avatar

    Disgusting serial
    Spineless and stupid Arman
    Ruhi is like a whore
    Waste of time
    Perhaps this serial script is written for ridiculing hindu culture

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