Anupama 1st May 2024 Written Update Maan Love

Anupama 1st May 2024 Written Update Maan Love

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Anupama 1st May 2024 Written Update Maan Love. Anupama tells Anuj that she feels everything is over and she has no motive to live her life, but life has given her a chance again, she has a right to her happiness, she has failed twice, and now she has a third chance to stay happy. Anuj recalls her two failed marriages. She tells him that she is prepared to take a chance. Anuj tells her that she deserves a chance to move on. He adds that Yashdeep is a nice man, who respects and cares for her. He says that Yashdeep loves her and they can stay happy together. Anupama asks him to stop thinking of all that.

She tells him that she was talking about the competition, and she got a wild card entry in it. She clears that Yashdeep is just her friend. Anuj gets happy and says that it’s fantastic news. They eat the halwa. She shares her happiness with him. She tells him that she got this entry on the people’s demand. Anuj asks her to focus and make sure she wins the competition. He says that he will handle Shruti and Aadhya. He wants Anupama to focus on her dream.

Anupama 1st May 2024 Written Update Maan Love

Vanraj defends Ansh:

Mahi and Ishani refuse to play cricket with Ansh. He breaks her dolls. They cry and complain to Dimpy and Kavya. Dimpy scolds Ansh for becoming a bad boy. Kavya says that Titu will scold Ansh for his mischief. Vanraj arrives to take Ansh’s side. He says that he will handle Ansh and nobody will scold him. He behaves weirdly. Anupama makes a dish and tastes it. She thinks about making changes to it. Aadhya reaches the kitchen to get water. She asks Aadhya to sit down and drink water. She tells its effects on health. Aadhya follows her instructions. Anupama doesn’t know what to do with the prepared dishes. She goes to check on Shruti. Aadhya tastes the food. Anupama gets glad seeing this. Aadhya likes the delicious food. Anupama feels Aadhya still likes the food prepared by her. She wishes to feed the food to Aadhya with love.

Anupama 1st May 2024 Written Update Maan Love

Shruti wants to marry Anuj:

Anupama sees Anuj taking care of Shruti. She takes milk and medicines for Shruti. She asks Shruti to have Haldi milk. Shruti congratulates her on reaching the final round of the competition. Anupama thanks her. She says that she has to prepare for the competition. Shruti tells Anuj that she is feeling insecure, she is uncertain of their marriage and wants to fix the marriage date. Anuj asks her to recover first. Anuj finds Anupama practicing the English names of the vegetables. He helps her with it. She thanks him.

Anupama 1st May 2024 Written Update Maan Love

Anuj helps Anupama:

Anuj entertains her by suggesting a way to remember the tough names. They laugh. Shruti overhears them and gets disturbed. Anna greets her. She says that Anuj and Anupama are laughing on some topics. Shruti feels jealous. She drops a box in anger. Anuj and Anupama hear the sound and rush to see Shruti. Anuj asks her about the nurse. He questions Shruti. Shruti doesn’t tell him anything, knowing Anupama’s stay is important for Aadhya. She asks Anuj to be with her. Anuj asks her not to stress herself. Anupama picks up the medicines. Anuj asks her not to clean it. She says that glass may hurt anyone. Anupama advises Shruti to not feel insecure. Shruti asks her to shut the door on leaving. Anupama tells Anna that the medicine box shouldn’t be on the bed. Anna tells her that the box was placed on the bedside table. Anupama realizes Shruti’s lie.

Vanraj stays stern:

Vanraj pacifies Ansh and loves him. He says that he will beat Titu if the latter scolds Ansh. Hasmukh tells them that he will beat Vanraj if he does wrong with Titu. He explains to Ansh that parents have to punish their child if he does anything wrong. He asks Ansh to go and play. He reminds Vanraj how they have scolded Paritosh and Samar for their mistakes. He asks Vanraj to let Titu scold and beat Ansh if needed. Vanraj doesn’t want Titu to beat Ansh. He says that Titu would be a stepfather to Ansh. Kavya taunts him that not all the stepfathers are bad like Vanraj. She tells him that she isn’t a bad stepmother to his children. She asks him to grow up. Hasmukh understands Vanraj’s love.

Anupama 1st May 2024 Written Update Maan Love

She asks Vanraj to understand that Titu will become Ansh’s father. Vanraj wants to see how Titu becomes Ansh’s father. Anupama reaches Aadhya and cares for her. She wishes everything gets fine. Diya tells Anupama that love never dies, and if Anuj doesn’t love Shruti, then his failed marriage will be another shock to Aadhya. Anuj encourages Anupama to win the competition using Leela’s diary. Anupama tells him that the diary is her guide to success. Aadhya angrily tears the diary.

Anupama 1st May 2024 Written Update Maan Love


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