Kumkum Bhagya 1st May 2024 Written Update Purvi vs Monisha

Kumkum Bhagya 1st May 2024 Written Update Purvi vs Monisha

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Kumkum Bhagya 1st May 2024 Written Update Purvi vs Monisha. As Krishna and Trishna discuss Prachi, he reminisces about someone from his past whom he deeply admired. Upon thoughts of this person, Krishna’s mind automatically turns to Prachi. Curious, Trishna asks who it was that Krishna was thinking about. However, he brushes off the question and advises her to maintain a facade of not assisting Prachi if she truly wants to help. Trishna is left wondering who this person could be, as Krishna appears to become lost in thought whenever they are brought up. Purvi is reminded of Harleen’s warnings when Monisha approaches her and reminds her to stay out of the kitchen.

Monisha even instructs the chefs to keep an eye on Purvi and report any sightings of her since she is not permitted in the kitchen. The chefs all agree eagerly. Harman and RV question why Mehra would come to their home for a meeting since it is not his usual approach. Harleen asks Harman how many people will be attending the meeting. Harman responds abruptly, realizing he misspoke, and apologizes to Harleen before she exits the room. RV expresses the need to uncover Mehra’s intentions for scheduling this meeting at their house. Vikrant assures them that he is in the process of gathering all relevant information.

RV takes a look at past deals made by Mehta. As Purvi enters the kitchen to grab something, she offers a suggestion to Monisha on cooking techniques. Monisha dismisses her advice rudely and instructs her to leave, threatening to call Harleen if she refuses. Deepika also urges Purvi to leave, warning that any failure in taste will be blamed on her. Monisha accuses Purvi of not wanting the deal to succeed and argues with her when Purvi questions her behavior. Monisha continues to belittle Purvi as she exits the kitchen.

RV inquires about Purvi’s downcast demeanor. She shares that Monisha had treated her disrespectfully earlier while she was in the kitchen. RV advises her against being in the kitchen, reminding her that Harleen had assigned Monisha the responsibility. Purvi requests RV not to interfere if Monisha misbehaves again and he complies before exiting. Manpreet hands over some jewelry to Prachi with the intent of selling it to alleviate their financial setback. Prachi initially hesitates but eventually consents. She promises to create new, beautiful pieces for Manpreet at the earliest opportunity.

Diya gives Purvi a call and wonders if she should mention Prachi’s financial struggles. After seeing Diya’s missed call, Purvi returns the call shares the current situation, and expresses her frustration. She firmly states that she will not assist anyone if they come asking for help. Diya then suggests that Purvi lend a hand to RV if he requires support, reminding her of RV’s past assistance to them. Purvi agrees to help. Soon, Mehra arrives at the Malhotra mansion where RV welcomes him and introduces his family.


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