Pandya Store 1st May 2024 Written Update Amrish in peril

Pandya Store 1st May 2024 Written Update Amrish in peril

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Pandya Store 1st May 2024 Written Update Amrish in peril. Natasha informs Pranali that their reports have been switched. Amba misunderstands and assumes Pranali is pregnant as well. Hetal and Dolly also excitedly congratulate Pranali. Shalini asks Amrish if his family will believe the video clip. She mentions that Natasha and other women, including Dhawal, will support her. Amrish realizes he needs to act and pretends to need more time to decide. Shalini gives him time and agrees to go home with him afterward. Amba asks Pranali to show her reports to confirm the news. Natasha and Pranali exchange nervous glances. Bhavin attempts to step in but Amba stops him.

Seeing Pranali in tears, Amba questions why she’s crying if it’s good news. She then turns to Natasha and asks if she has seen the reports, wondering if her lifelong suspicion that Pranali is infertile is true. In response, Natasha reveals that it’s Bhavin who is unable to have children. This angers Bhavin, causing him to angrily break his phone while denying the validity of the reports. Amba mentions that men are not affected by these issues, only women are infertile. Amrish becomes upset with Natasha and insists that Bhavin is perfectly healthy. In an attempt to diffuse the tension, Dhawal suggests focusing on Golu’s upcoming birthday.

Pandya Store 1st May 2024 Written Update Amrish in peril

Lalit Mohan informs Shalini that the Makwanas may need to leave early and asks her to keep Golu occupied. Golu begins to cry about the constant arguing between the adults and exclaims that he doesn’t want to grow up. Natasha promises not to cause any further arguments during the trip, while Hetal suggests taking Golu to see the animals since he is so insistent. Amrish eventually agrees. Lalit contacts Shalini again and lets her know they have reached their designated spot. Amrish notices him going into a restricted area and questions why. Lalit lies, saying it’s permissible to see more wildlife. Amba informs Amrish of a strange feeling she has, which he also experiences.

Suddenly, the van comes to a halt and Shalini calls out to Amrish, reminding him that his allotted thirty minutes are up. With a threatening tone, she warns Amrish to comply or risk his family’s fate. When Amrish refuses, Shalini ominously tells him to prepare for something significant. The Makwanas grow anxious and Amrish instructs the driver to turn the van around, only to realize that the driver is missing. Seeing Amrish step out alone, Amba becomes worried and urges Dhawal to follow him. Amrish falls in grave danger. Natasha attempts to save his life but fails. Will Amrish die? Stay tuned.

Pandya Store 1st May 2024 Written Update Amrish in peril


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