YRKKH 1st May 2024 Written Update Ruhi's truth

YRKKH 1st May 2024 Written Update Ruhi’s truth

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YRKKH 1st May 2024 Written Update Ruhi’s truth. Manish stays upset with Swarna for hiding such a big thing from him. He tells her that he can’t understand Ruhi’s disgusting thing. He is ashamed to think that Ruhi is Aarohi’s daughter. He asks Swarna to stop convincing him. He calls up Ruhi to know if she is living in the Poddar house for Armaan’s sake. He orders Ruhi to come home and speak to him about Armaan. She rushes to Goenka house. He takes her to Aarohi and Neil’s picture. Manish rebukes her for hiding about Armaan. He says that she must have told him the truth. He adds that he might have helped her. Ruhi tells him that Armaan and Abhira’s marriage isn’t real, but just a one-year contract. He asks her not to lie. She says that it’s true.

YRKKH 1st May 2024 Written Update Ruhi's truth

Ruhi shares the truth with Goenkas:

She tells him that she has just supported Armaan, who sacrificed his love for Rohit’s sake. She adds that Armaan is Vidya’s stepson and feels indebted to the family. Armaan learns the news of the fire breakout at some hostel. He fears for Abhira’s safety. Abhira attends Shrishti’s birthday party. The girls force her to drink. Abhira doesn’t take the drink. She finds Armaan reaching there. Ruhi tells Manish that Armaan loves his family the most. She justifies the decisions taken. She says that she wanted to give a chance to her marriage with Rohit, but he left her. She feels life has always snatched her loved ones. She doesn’t want to forget Armaan when she has a hope to get him back. She urges Manish to support her.

Abhira pretends to be drunk to annoy Armaan. She asks him to leave. They get into an argument. She embarrasses him. She dances to a breakup song and angers him further. She tells him that she will do anything she wants. He angrily throws the alcohol bottle and brings her to her senses. He leaves and she weeps in sorrow.

YRKKH 1st May 2024 Written Update Ruhi's truth

Manish slaps Armaan:

Armaan reaches home and finds Manish waiting for him. Manish loses his cool and slaps Armaan. He blames him for hurting Ruhi and Armaan. Armaan apologizes to her. He says that he didn’t wish to hurt Ruhi. Manish calls him a liar. He rebukes Armaan for deceiving everyone.

Armaan justifies his actions. He tells Manish that he made a promise to Akshara and took this step to protect Abhira from Yuvraj. Manish calls him wrong. Armaan says that he wanted to keep everyone happy. He asks Manish to beat him if he wants. Ruhi finds them arguing. Manish asks him to face the difficulties and pursue happiness. He orders Armaan to take Ruhi away from his life if he cares for her happiness. Armaan and Ruhi break down. Manish leaves. Ruhi defends Manish’s decision. She asks Armaan to speak to Kaveri about them. She shows her faith in him.

YRKKH 1st May 2024 Written Update Ruhi's truth

Armaan sets reminders for Abhira’s assignments. They recall their past moment. She can’t help but cry in sorrow. Armaan wants Abhira to submit her assignment on time. He thinks to call Abhira and remind her. Abhira doesn’t want to keep any hope of Armaan’s return. Ruhi pacifies Vidya. Vidya doesn’t understand what’s happening. She worries about Madhav. Kaveri reaches Armaan with a request. She asks him to convince Madhav to stay back. She gives the responsibility to him. Later, Abhira gets caught up at a rave party. Armaan defends Abhira and goes to help her out.


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