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YRKKH 4th May 2024 Written Update Abhira returns

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YRKKH 4th May 2024 Written Update Abhira returns. Kaveri and her family members are upset when society questions them about Abhira. She says that they have lost their reputation. Sanjay asks her to keep Abhira away from home. Manisha tells her that they should bring Abhira home and end this matter. She tells Kaveri that Armaan might hate Abhira, but she is his responsibility for a year. She knows he will always run to save Abhira. Manisha gives her opinion. She says that Abhira and Armaan can get together as a couple this time. Ruhi gets worried. Armaan stops Abhira and asks her to sit in his car. Abhira fights him to take a stand for her esteem. He asks her to limit herself. He tells that he has come to help her, but she is misbehaving. She replies that she will never ask for his help even if she dies.

YRKKH 4th May 2024 Written Update Abhira returns

He refuses to come to help her ever again. He returns home and apologizes to Kaveri. He says that Abhira has got a ton of attitude. He doesn’t want to meet her again. Kaveri asks him to bring Abhira home for Madhav’s sake. He says that Abhira has ended his patience. She tells him that she wants Abhira back to save her family name. Ruhi is disheartened with Kaveri’s decision. Kaveri asks Armaan to convince Abhira and get her back. Ruhi feels Armaan will get away from her once again. She pleads with him to not bring Abhira back. She says that they will convince Madhav to stay back. She asks him to think about their relationship. Armaan is confused.

Abhira attends Rashmi’s Sangeet function hosted in the hostel. She dances with the girls. Armaan reaches Abhira to hold her when she falls. Kaveri wishes Abhira would come back. Ruhi prays that Abhira doesn’t listen to Armaan. The girls try to bring Armaan and Abhira together. Armaan tells her that he has come for an important matter. She refuses to talk. He lifts Abhira and takes her home. Kaveri and Ruhi rush to the door. Ruhi is upset with Armaan. Abhira surprisingly apologizes to Kaveri and tells her decision to keep her marriage with Armaan.

YRKKH 4th May 2024 Written Update Abhira returns

She says that she will become the best wife for Armaan. Ruhi tells Abhira that it’s too late now and the marriage is going to end in a few months. Kaveri permits Abhira to return home for a forever stay. Abhira thanks her. Ruhi screams and breaks out of the imagination. Kaveri asks her if she is okay. Armaan tells Abhira that he has come to take her home at Kaveri’s command. Abhira refuses to go with Kaveri’s puppet.

They get into a war of words. She knows Kaveri is doing this favor just to save her family’s respect. She refuses to return home. He asks her to think of others too. He says that Madhav is leaving the house because of her. He adds that Madhav and Vidya will get separated. He tells her about the clashes in the family. He requests her to come with him. He asks her if her ego is bigger than his parents’ marriage. Armaan returns home alone. Ruhi gets relieved that Abhira didn’t come. Abhira seeks help from Akshara. She reads Akshara’s diary to find a way. She decides to return home for Madhav’s sake. Madhav tells Kaveri that Abhira didn’t return and it’s time he departs.

YRKKH 4th May 2024 Written Update Abhira returns

Armaan tells him that Abhira refused to come back home. Madhav says that it’s not easy to forget the insult and return home. The family members stop Madhav from leaving. Abhira calls Armaan. Armaan ignores the call. Madhav and Vidya get against each other. Abhira calls again. She asks Armaan to put the phone on speaker. Abhira speaks to Kaveri. She agrees to return home but keeps some conditions. Abhira prepares a dramatic entry in the Poddar house. She angers Kaveri, who refuses to give any rights to Abhira.

YRKKH 4th May 2024 Written Update Abhira returns


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