Kumkum Bhagya 10th May 2024 Written Update Monisha's vow

Kumkum Bhagya 10th May 2024 Written Update Monisha’s vow

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Kumkum Bhagya 10th May 2024 Written Update Monisha’s vow. Purvi kindly offers coffee to RV while he is working. She then converses with him, asking for his impression of her. RV struggles to find the right words and instead tries the coffee, stating it tastes good. To clarify, Purvi mentions that the coffee was made by their servant and not herself. RV expresses gratitude for her honesty and hands over a suitcase containing a large amount of money, asking Purvi to keep it in the locker. Agreeing to do so, Purvi notices Monisha approaching RV’s room. She points out something on his cheek and jokingly pretends to kiss him in front of Monisha.

RV thanks Purvi for her quick thinking, but she humbly states that a husband should not thank his wife for such small gestures. Monisha becomes visibly envious of their closeness as Purvi leaves the room. Monisha approaches Purvi and instructs her to avoid RV, claiming him as her own. In response, Purvi jests at Monisha, declaring ownership of this phrase. Later on, Purvi recounts to Monisha the details of how she kissed RV and he expressed gratitude towards her. Acting bashful, Purvi urges Monisha to return home and then departs from the scene. Harleen inquires if RV is certain, and he responds by asking what happened. Harleen explains that this is the first time he has entrusted important matters to someone besides her, referring to Purvi.

Just then, Purvi enters the room. Harleen requests for her to keep the cash in the cupboard and hide the key under the bed. After agreeing, Purvi completes the task. Shortly after, Harleen exits. Later on, Purvi discusses with RV about Monisha being envious of her heading home. Later, RV inquires with Purvi about the matter. She tells him to forget it. He expresses his desire to know more about her. Curious, she asks why. RV gives his opinion on it. He confesses that he didn’t used to like her before, but now he does. Purvi shares that she initially didn’t like him either, but always had respect for him as he saved her multiple times. She affectionately refers to him as her guardian angel.

Meanwhile, Dadaji overhears their conversation and feels guilty for eavesdropping before quietly walking away. Dadaji excitedly shares with Dadi the news that RV and Purvi are growing closer, recounting their recent conversation. Dadi scolds Dadaji for not keeping it a secret, especially from the other men in the house who now seem to be taking her side. Dadaji reprimands them for eavesdropping on their private talk. Dadi requests that they not tease RV and Purvi about it. Monisha gazes at a photo of RV and complains about him kissing Purvi, determined to reclaim her spot in his heart.






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