Kundali Bhagya 10th May 2024 Written Update Nidhi's drama

Kundali Bhagya 10th May 2024 Written Update Nidhi’s drama

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Kundali Bhagya 10th May 2024 Written Update Nidhi’s drama. Nidhi contacts Aarohi, urging her to come to Luthra’s house. While in jail, Shaurya informs Anshuman that he tried to help Karan get out of lockup, but Karan turned down the opportunity. In anger, he states that Karan has no right to live. This prompts Shaurya to push him and reprimand him for his words. Anshuman then calls for the constables, accusing Shaurya of threatening him. In response, Shaurya warns Anshuman not to speak against Karan and reminds him that he can’t sway his loyalty towards his family. The constables restrain Shaurya and Anshuman questions him about Karan’s relationship with Preeta, teasingly implying that Karan is flirtatious.

Shaurya challenges Anshuman by asking if he would give a character certificate to Karan. Shaurya admonishes Anshuman for his deception regarding Karan. He reminds Anshuman not to overstep his boundaries. Anshuman then urges Shaurya to inquire about Karan’s relationship with Preeta. In response, Shaurya grabs Anshuman and threatens to harm him. Persistently, Anshuman insists that Nidhi is aware of the relationship between Karan and Preeta. Meanwhile, Preeta, concerned with Karan’s reckless driving, advises him to slow down.

In a fit of rage, Karan hits the steering wheel while Preeta shares her memories with him. After apologizing for his outburst, Karan promises to work on controlling his anger. With a level head, Preeta encourages him to focus on finding a solution. However, their conversation is interrupted when she receives a call from Rajveer who claims to have a plan for getting Shaurya released from custody. Rajveer informs Preeta that he will be heading to the Luthra house soon. Palki inquires about Shanaya’s mood, to which Shanaya responds by saying that she always stands by Shaurya’s side, but he hurt her feelings today.

She admits to putting up with Nidhi’s troublesome behavior for Shaurya’s sake, but he doesn’t seem to reciprocate her loyalty. Meanwhile, Nidhi is packing her bags when Aarohi tries to dissuade her from leaving. However, Nidhi insists that Aarohi is unaware of how the Luthra family treats her. Just then, Kareena enters the room and tells Nidhi that nobody will bother about her if she leaves. Nidhi feels like she holds no value in the household and decides to leave. She also points out that even Kareena did not stand by her side. In response, Kareena scolds Nidhi for making such a rash decision and reminds her that the Luthras will view her as selfish if she leaves without considering Shaurya’s feelings.

Moreover, Preeta may gain an advantage if Nidhi departs from the house. Hence, Kareena advises Nidhi to think carefully before making a decision. Aarohi informs Nidhi of Kareena’s opinion. Nidhi expresses her confusion to Kareena. To which, Kareena advises Nidhi not to engage in a confrontation and instead use Kavya and Shaurya’s names against Preeta. She assures Nidhi that this approach will result in profits for her. Suddenly, Karan and Preeta arrive at the house. Kritika immediately asks about their lawyer’s response.

Preeta clarifies that without evidence, the lawyer is unable to do anything. Adding to the conversation, Karan mentions that Rajveer is on his way, and only he can release Shaurya from jail. Rakhi comments on how it’s like one brother helping another brother. Agreeing with Rakhi, Karan turns to Rajveer and inquires about his motives behind this plan.






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