GHKKPM 11th May 2024 Written Update Ishaan's confession

GHKKPM 11th May 2024 Written Update Ishaan’s confession

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GHKKPM 11th May 2024 Written Update Ishaan’s confession. Surekha urges Durva and Anvi to hurry up, as Reeva’s family could arrive at any moment to celebrate her birthday. She wonders where Ishaan is and why he hasn’t come home yet. Reeva expresses surprise and mentions that she saw Ishaan leave college before her. She asks if he still hasn’t returned home. Surekha tries calling Ishaan, but he doesn’t pick up. Yashwant and Nishikant return home. Surekha voices her concerns about Ishaan not answering the call or returning home yet. She becomes worried about his whereabouts. Seeing Reeva in distress, Surekha asks if she knows anything about the situation.

Reeva reveals that she witnessed Savi taking money from a reporter and wants to know what happened. Savi feels that Ishaan never truly understood her. When Surekha calls and inquires about his whereabouts, Savi asks if he still hasn’t returned home. Surekha reveals that he has been missing since their last meeting and angrily tells Savi she will be alone forever. After ending the call, Ishaan goes to a lawyer and asks for divorce papers to be drawn up for him and Savi Bhosle.

Concerned family members of the Bhosle household are shown worrying about Ishaan’s disappearance, while Reeva leaves the mansion to search for him. Ishaan is intoxicated. He mistakes a mannequin for a person. He vocalizes his frustrations with the mannequin, expressing how his wife Savi has labeled him a murderer and caused him great distress. Meanwhile, Savi herself is unable to sleep due to her concerns for Ishaan. In his state of intoxication, Ishaan vents to the mannequin about how he has always supported Savi but she falsely accused his family in the news and sought revenge against him.

As Sandhya inquires about Savi’s inability to sleep, Savi asks if Sandhya could provide some comfort by allowing her to rest her head on her lap. After receiving consent from Sandhya, Ishaan takes out his anger on the mannequin and reflects on his current situation. Finally, he declares that he will put an end to this pain once and for all tomorrow as he gets into his car. Reeva catches sight of Ishaan and beckons him to step out of the car. She then invites him to accompany her back home. Once they are situated on a nearby bench, Ishaan confides in Reeva about his need to talk to her.

He wonders if he’s a bad person and shares with her the pain that Savi has caused him. Expressing his fear of being perceived as a murderer, Ishaan implores Reeva not to hurt him. In response, Reeva reassures Ishaan of her love for him and promises to stand by him through any difficulties that may come their way. Grateful for her unwavering support despite his mistakes, Ishaan thanks Reeva from the bottom of his heart.


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