Teri Meri Doriyaan 11th May 2024 Written Update Angad's mission

Teri Meri Doriyaan 11th May 2024 Written Update Angad’s mission

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Teri Meri Doriyaan 11th May 2024 Written Update Angad’s mission. Kirat reassures Sahiba not to worry and assures her that they are all on her side. They will handle Daljeet and teach him a lesson. Sahiba ponders over the best way to save Daljeet from Akir. Manveer suggests that they all band together and confront Daljeet. Jabjyot agrees, stating that united they will be stronger against Daljeet. Manveer clarifies that it is only the Brar family’s responsibility to fight Daljeet. He then urges Sahiba to agree to Daljeet’s terms and hand over Akir to them. Amu expresses her frustration with Angad, claiming he is only focused on Sahiba and Akir.

Harneet consoles Amu, assuring her that she has everything under control. Harneet takes charge, explaining that she is handling the situation. Arminder questions why Daljeet is following Harneet’s orders. Harneet brushes it off, saying they will discuss it later. She then asks Amu to support Angad in this time of need. Angad questions Manveer’s thought process, while she reminds Daljeet that this was her proposed condition. Manveer then requests Angad to take Sahiba to Daljeet’s house and bring Akir back home. However, Jabjyot intervenes and assures them that they will all fight this battle as a team.

Jabjyot insists that Sahiba must stay with them until the matter is resolved, causing Sahiba to apologize and express her determination to face Daljeet alone. Angad stops Sahiba and expresses concern for her safety, reminding her of the consequences of her actions. To ensure Sahiba’s safety, Angad locks her in a room against her protests. Despite this, Sahiba continues to plead with him to let her join in the search for her son. Kirat tells Anagd that keeping Sahiba locked in a room is not right. Angad insists it is for her own protection. Despite his family’s pleas, Angad goes to meet Daljeet on his own.

Sahiba pleads with Angad to release her and help rescue their son. Daljeet puts on a suit and asks Akir for his opinion on how he looks. Akir compliments him, but also requests that Daljeet bring Sahiba along with him. Daljeet informs Akir that Sahiba would have already arrived if Angad hadn’t intervened. He reminds Akir that Angad is not his ally, but his foe. Inwardly, Angad assures Akir that he will come to his aid. With Kirat’s assistance, Sahiba leaves the Brar mansion and sets out to rescue Akir.


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