YRKKH 12th May 2024 Written Update Abhira's big move

YRKKH 12th May 2024 Written Update Abhira’s big move

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YRKKH 12th May 2024 Written Update Abhira’s big move. Manisha inquires Abhira about the reason for Ruhi’s room cleaning. Abhira responds that she will attend to Madhav and Vidya’s relationship before doing so. Upon Madhav’s return home, injured, both Abhira and Manisha express their concern for his well-being. With Vidya being unaware of Madhav’s accident, Manisha takes it upon herself to inform her. Though upset with Madhav, Vidya is hesitant to offer her assistance. Charu persuades Dev to meet her at a café but is spotted by Kaveri. Despite Vidya’s doubts, Abhira implores her to forgive Madhav and move forward while also attempting to convince her through Manisha’s help.

As Ruhi questions Abhira about her actions towards Vidya, Abhira instructs her to instigate Armaan instead. Vidya urges Abhira to stay away from her, Ruhi wonders why they cannot live in peace and receives a sly remark from Abhira in response. Charu waits for Dev as he promises to meet her. However, when he finally messages her, he tells her not to wait for him as he won’t be able to come. He questions Charu’s love by pointing out that she never stands up for their relationship in front of her family.

Manisha asks Abhira for help with removing the decorations. But as Armaan catches sight of Abhira, she asks him about the divorce papers instead. Armaan assures her that once he receives them, he will sign them and they can move forward with their separation. Abhira decides to take charge and signs the papers while falling into Armaan’s arms, much to the shock of the Poddar family who are present. Kaveri immediately questions Armaan’s actions but Abhira takes full responsibility and urges him to find the papers and finalize their divorce. As tensions rise, Madhav taunts Kaveri while Vidya gets offended by his words. In a last-ditch effort to save his sister’s marriage, Madhav urges Vidya to stop interfering in Armaan and Abhira’s relationship.

Finally, Armaan intervenes and pleads with Vidya not to argue any further. Manisha inquires whether avoiding Armaan and Abhira’s divorce is possible, to which Vidya responds that Abhira seems indifferent towards Armaan. Ruhi ensures that Armaan is eating properly. This angers Manisha towards Abhira’s lack of care for Armaan. In an attempt to start anew, Abhira asks Kaveri, who refuses the offer. Abhira also pleads with Kaveri not to damage Vidya and Madhav’s relationship. Meanwhile, Armaan discovers the divorce papers, which leads to Kaveri warning Abhira against meddling in her family affairs.

Abhira persists and suggests teaming up with Kaveri to bring Vidya and Madhav closer together. In response, Kaveri proposes that Abhira confesses in court that her marriage was forced, leaving Abhira stunned. Amidst all this chaos, Kajal commends Ruhi for her efforts in taking care of the family. Finally, Armaan confronts Krish, Kiara, and Aryan about hiding the divorce papers.


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