Anupama 13th May 2024 Written Update New Triangle

Anupama 13th May 2024 Written Update New Triangle

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Anupama 13th May 2024 Written Update New Triangle. Anupama extends an invitation to Anuj, Shruti, and Aadhya for Spice and Chutney’s grand reopening. She assures them that there is no pressure. Anuj agrees to join and show his support for Anupama, while Aadhya declines the invitation. As for Shruti, she decides to accompany Anuj. Biji is thrilled about the restaurant reopening, while Yashdeep is equally elated. Biji suggests that Yashdeep proposes to Anupama and even gives him a ring for the occasion. Despite feeling nervous, Yashdeep gathers his courage and patiently awaits Anupama’s response. Vanraj is concerned about Ansh’s cough, while Titu worries about his son’s well-being. Vanraj is quick to assign blame to Titu for giving Ansh mango juice, claiming it caused his cough. However, Titu defends himself and explains that Ansh had ice cream instead.

He reminds Vanraj that he is Ansh’s father and would never intentionally harm him. Leela shares Vanraj’s worry about the dynamics between Titu and Vanraj once they start living together. On the other hand, Hasmukh has faith that Titu will ultimately win over Vanraj’s heart. Anupama grasps Biji and Yashdeep’s hands, with both giving her credit. She acknowledges Vikram, Rahul, KD, Anuj, and Shahs for their unwavering support. Yashdeep is also praised for inspiring her. The reporter suggests Anupama write her autobiography, but she believes every woman’s story should be told. When asked about her plans, Anupama focuses on the present moment. In celebration of her accomplishments, Vikram, Yashdeep, Rahul, and others dance together.

Meanwhile, Anuj discovers a ring and confronts Yashdeep about it. It turns out that Yashdeep intends to propose to Anupama. Anuj inquires if he truly loves her and Yashdeep confirms his love for her. This revelation surprises Anuj who questions if Anupama is aware of this plan. To which Yashdeep responds by stating his desire to become partners with Anupama. Anupama, Yashdeep and Biji inaugurate the restaurant together. Anuj reminisces about old times with Anupama, while Leela reminds Titu and Dimple to exercise caution until the wedding. She urges them to avoid any actions that may cause trouble. Titu assures Leela that he will be careful. Hasmukh and Kavya commend Anupama for investing in Spice and Chutney.

However, Vanraj disagrees and calls her a fool. Hasmukh asks Vanraj to refrain from upsetting them constantly. Anuj congratulates Anupama before deciding to leave. Kinjal expresses her joy over Anupama’s success, while Paritosh shocks her with his behavior. Kinjal then requests Paritosh not to create a scene, but he insists on asking Anupama for a job. Despite their disagreement, Anupama eventually gives in and offers Paritosh a waiter job. However, he argues with her about it until Kinjal steps in to support her mother’s decision.






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