GHKKPM 21st May 2024 Written Update Savi's support

GHKKPM 13th May 2024 Written Update Ishvi face off

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GHKKPM 13th May 2024 Written Update Ishvi face off. Ishaan prepares for the upcoming lecture by Surya Prakash. Shukla asks Savi to check who has arrived. Surya Prakash turns off the music, which catches Savi by surprise. Meanwhile, Ishaan is preoccupied with the thoughts of Savi. Surya Prakash inquires about Savi’s actions, to which she responds that she is completing multiple-choice question papers. He questions how she can focus with loud music playing, but she explains that it is a technique taught by her professor to avoid distractions. Impressed, Surya Prakash challenges Savi to answer his questions while navigating through traffic.

At first, Savi points out there is no traffic, but he assures her that there will be soon enough and proceeds to park his car in the middle of the road. Surya Prakash begins to question Savi as she tries to move the car. A group of onlookers gathers around them, including Ishaan, Nishikant, and Yashwant who notice that all the other students have gone to IAS Chai Wali. Sandhya asks Savi how she plans to clear the traffic, to which Savi suggests having Surya Prakash stay put while she offers a 50% discount on her tea for a limited time. As the crowd quickly disperses, the traffic also starts to clear up.

Impressed with Savi’s answers, Surya Prakash decides to reward her by making tea with his own hands. He also takes a moment to share a bit about his past and praises Savi for being an inspiration as someone who puts their knowledge into practice in real life. Yashwant informs Ishaan that Savi has deliberately stopped Surya Prakash to boost her tea stall’s demand and get back at him. As a result, Surya Prakash leaves. Ishaan then pulls Savi aside and questions her actions, wondering how much money she wanted for causing this chaos. Savi assures Ishaan that she will sign the divorce papers soon and asks him not to worry.

After this encounter, Ishaan, Yashwant, and Nishikant return home, where they are surprised by the arrival of Reeva and her parents at the Bhosle mansion. Surekha takes this opportunity to propose marriage between Reeva and Ishaan. To everyone’s delight, Reeva agrees. She then expresses her concerns about being accepted by the Bhosle family as their daughter-in-law, but Surekha and the rest of the family warmly welcome her into their home. As Savi ponders Ishaan’s words, she appears distracted. Surekha then asks Ishaan to place the ring on Reeva’s finger, but he hesitates. Reeva notices and questions his lack of happiness. Looking at herself in the mirror, Savi decides to sign the divorce papers and hand them over to Ishaan.

He responds by saying he is ready to start anew with Reeva and puts the ring on her finger. Surekha declares that from now on, Ishaan and Savi will be separated. Just as Savi is about to sign the papers, she receives a phone call. Meanwhile, Ishaan receives a call informing him that Harini is awake. This news shocks Savi when she hears it. Asking the doctor if she has informed Ishaan and Savi about Harini’s improvement, Harini gets a positive response. Upon arriving at the hospital, Ishaan and Savi come face to face once again.


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